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Fallen Hearts of Europe 2016: Katatonia with Vola and Agent Fresco at Markthalle, Hamburg.

vola-3 Vola throughout the tour got more confident on stage 161025-Vola-10 Vola’s show in Hamburg had many fans of the band on front row 161025-Vola-9 161025-Vola-6 Simen Sandnes quickly owned the complex drums from Vola vola-9 vola-7 vola-5 161025-Vola-5 Vola delivered a tight performance on this tour 161025-Vola-7 161025-Vola-4 161025-Vola-2 vola-2 161025-Vola-12 vola-12 af-2 161025-af-1 af-6 Agent Fresco at Markthalle, Hamburg 161025-af-2 af-7 161025-af-8 Arnór Dan from Agent Fresco af-8 161025-af-5 af-9 af-11 161025-af-11 161025-af-13 af-16 af-21 161025-af-15 Markthalle in Hamburg was really crowded af-23 161025-af-16 af-25 af-27 161025-af-18 Agent Fresco: an energy tank! 161025-af-12 161025-af-19 af-28 161025-af-17 kata-1...

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Wolverine at ProgPower Europe 2016

ppe16-wolverine-1 ppe16-wolverine-2 ppe16-wolverine-3 ppe16-wolverine-4 ppe16-wolverine-5 ppe16-wolverine-6 ppe16-wolverine-7 ppe16-wolverine-8 ppe16-wolverine-van-1 ppe16-wolverine-van-2 ppe16-wolverine-van-3 ppe16-wolverine-van-4 ppe16-wolverine-van-5 ppe16-wolverine-van-6...

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Nordic Giants at ProgPower Europe 2016

ppe16-nordicgiants-1 ppe16-nordicgiants-2 ppe16-nordicgiants-3 ppe16-nordicgiants-4 ppe16-nordicgiants-5 ppe16-nordicgiants-6 ppe16-nordicgiants-7 ppe16-nordicgiants-8 ppe16-nordicgiants-9 ppe16-nordicgiants-van-1 ppe16-nordicgiants-van-2 ppe16-nordicgiants-van-3 ppe16-nordicgiants-van-4 ppe16-nordicgiants-van-5 ppe16-nordicgiants-van-6...

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Klone at ProgPower Europe 2016

ppe16-klone-1 ppe16-klone-2 ppe16-klone-3 ppe16-klone-4 ppe16-klone-5 ppe16-klone-6 ppe16-klone-7 ppe16-klone-8 ppe16-klone-9 ppe16-klone-van-1 ppe16-klone-van-2 ppe16-klone-van-3 ppe16-klone-van-4 ppe16-klone-van-6 ppe16-klone-van-7 ppe16-klone-van-8 ppe16-klone-van-9...

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Sadist at ProgPower Europe 2016

ppe16-sadist-1 ppe16-sadist-2 ppe16-sadist-3 ppe16-sadist-4 ppe16-sadist-5 ppe16-sadist-6 ppe16-sadist-7 ppe16-sadist-8 ppe16-sadist-9 ppe16-sadist-van-1 ppe16-sadist-van-2 ppe16-sadist-van-3 ppe16-sadist-van-4 ppe16-sadist-van-5 ppe16-sadist-van-6 ppe16-sadist-van-7 ppe16-sadist-van-8 ppe16-sadist-van-9...

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