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Author: Van

Smallman at ProgPower Europe 2016

ppe16-smallman-1 ppe16-smallman-2 ppe16-smallman-3 ppe16-smallman-4 ppe16-smallman-5 ppe16-smallman-6 ppe16-smallman-7 ppe16-smallman-8 ppe16-smallman-9 ppe16-smallman-10 ppe16-smallman-van-1 ppe16-smallman-van-2 ppe16-smallman-van-3 ppe16-smallman-van-4 ppe16-smallman-van-5 ppe16-smallman-van-6 ppe16-smallman-van-7 ppe16-smallman-van-8 ppe16-smallman-van-9 ppe16-smallman-van-10 ppe16-smallman-van-11 ppe16-smallman-van-12 ppe16-smallman-van-13...

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Chaos Divine at ProgPower Europe 2016

ppe16-chaosdivine-1 ppe16-chaosdivine-2 ppe16-chaosdivine-3 ppe16-chaosdivine-4 ppe16-chaosdivine-5 ppe16-chaosdivine-6 ppe16-chaosdivine-7 ppe16-chaosdivine-8 ppe16-chaosdivine-9 ppe16-chaosdivine-10 ppe16-chaosdivine-11 ppe16-chaosdivine-van-1 ppe16-chaosdivine-van-2 ppe16-chaosdivine-van-3 ppe16-chaosdivine-van-4 ppe16-chaosdivine-van-5 ppe16-chaosdivine-van-6 ppe16-chaosdivine-van-7 ppe16-chaosdivine-van-8 ppe16-chaosdivine-van-9 ppe16-chaosdivine-van-10 ppe16-chaosdivine-van-11...

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In Mourning at ProgPower Europe 2016

ppe16-inmourning-1 ppe16-inmourning-2 ppe16-inmourning-3 ppe16-inmourning-4 ppe16-inmourning-5 ppe16-inmourning-6 ppe16-inmourning-7 ppe16-inmourning-van-1 ppe16-inmourning-van-2 ppe16-inmourning-van-3...

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Agent Fresco – Destrier

Powerful, fresh, direct, emotional, eclectic, new, different. In one word: Icelandic. I wonder why so many Icelandic bands and musicians are so good and different? Maybe being born between 2 continents, in an ever changing island, and so isolated from the rest of the world, subject to such a strong climate, and with such an interesting history… I don’t know what it is, but seems everything around Iceland is special… and different. Different is the word for this band, and this album. I had no idea about Agent Fresco before ProgPower Europe 2014. I just listened to a pair...

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ico-2 We’re a group of Prog-lovers who started a journey to share with you our thoughts about albums, concerts, tours and festivals, the photo galleries of the Prog concerts we visit, as well interviews with upcoming or established musicians or prog-related people. Follow our Facebook page for frequent updates and news around the Progniverse.

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