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Month: October 2016

Kyros – Vox Humana

Kyros originated in 2012 as the one-man project Synaesthesia and had released a self-titled debut in 2014 with much support of IQ’s guitarist Michael Holmes on his label GEP. After a break with the label, the project was renamed and turned into a full band, consisting of five members. After three years of writing, the band now presents their first release as a double cd. At first sight this appears a bit odd, as the overall runtime is not even 82 minutes, but after the first listen the decision for this becomes all too obvious. Disk one, besides an...

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6:33 at ProgPower Europe 2016

05-633-1 05-633-4 05-633-6 05-633-7 05-633-9 05-633-11 05-633-15 05-633-18 05-633-21 05-633-24 05-633-25 05-633-26 05-633-27 05-633-28 05-633-29 05-633-31 05-633-32 05-633-33 05-633-35...

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Subterranean Masquerade at ProgPower Europe 2016

02-subterranean-masquerade-1 02-subterranean-masquerade-36 02-subterranean-masquerade-31 02-subterranean-masquerade-30 02-subterranean-masquerade-29 02-subterranean-masquerade-26 02-subterranean-masquerade-24 02-subterranean-masquerade-21 02-subterranean-masquerade-20 02-subterranean-masquerade-19 02-subterranean-masquerade-18 02-subterranean-masquerade-14 02-subterranean-masquerade-13 02-subterranean-masquerade-12 02-subterranean-masquerade-10 02-subterranean-masquerade-8 02-subterranean-masquerade-6 02-subterranean-masquerade-5 02-subterranean-masquerade-4...

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Dreamwalkers Inc at ProgPower Europe 2016

01-dreamwalkers-inc-1 01-dreamwalkers-inc-5 01-dreamwalkers-inc-6 01-dreamwalkers-inc-7 01-dreamwalkers-inc-10 01-dreamwalkers-inc-11 01-dreamwalkers-inc-13 01-dreamwalkers-inc-17 01-dreamwalkers-inc-19 01-dreamwalkers-inc-20 01-dreamwalkers-inc-21 01-dreamwalkers-inc-23 01-dreamwalkers-inc-25 01-dreamwalkers-inc-29 01-dreamwalkers-inc-31 01-dreamwalkers-inc-32 01-dreamwalkers-inc-35 01-dreamwalkers-inc-36 01-dreamwalkers-inc-37...

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