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Month: November 2016

In Mourning at ProgPower Europe 2016

ppe16-inmourning-1 ppe16-inmourning-2 ppe16-inmourning-3 ppe16-inmourning-4 ppe16-inmourning-5 ppe16-inmourning-6 ppe16-inmourning-7 ppe16-inmourning-van-1 ppe16-inmourning-van-2 ppe16-inmourning-van-3...

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Distorted Harmony at ProgPower Europe 2016

ppe16-distortedharmony ppe16-distortedharmony-2 ppe16-distortedharmony-3 ppe16-distortedharmony-4 ppe16-distortedharmony-5 ppe16-distortedharmony-6 ppe16-distortedharmony-7 ppe16-distortedharmony-8 ppe16-distortedharmony-9 ppe16-distortedharmony-10 ppe16-distortedharmony-van ppe16-distortedharmony-van-2 ppe16-distortedharmony-van-3 ppe16-distortedharmony-van-4 ppe16-distortedharmony-van-5 ppe16-distortedharmony-van-6 ppe16-distortedharmony-van-7...

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Brutai – Born

Take catchy melodies, flawless clean vocals, brutal interruptions and some heavily technical musicianship, and born is the perfect melodic prog metal album – or is it? With their debut album, suitably titled “Born”, British newcomers Brutai ambitiously deliver all that. And it works surprisingly well. Three years after the release of their self-titled EP, Brutai’s band sound definitely has matured and gotten more accessible, not only because keyboard player Alex Lorimer completed the line-up. Recently, they signed to Transcend Music and are now able to release their long prepared debut album. (The first single, “Relapse”, was released in 2014!) With their...

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ico-2 We’re a group of Prog-lovers who started a journey to share with you our thoughts about albums, concerts, tours and festivals, the photo galleries of the Prog concerts we visit, as well interviews with upcoming or established musicians or prog-related people. Follow our Facebook page for frequent updates and news around the Progniverse.

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