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Month: February 2017

Pain of Salvation – In The Passing Light Of Day

I was not too touched by the releases of Pain of Salvation since “Be”. “Road Salt One” and its successor didn’t move me at all, and after an underwhelming concert experience (on Opeth’s Heritage tour), starting (and nearly finishing) while everyone was still waiting in line and playing mostly “Road Salt” material, I pretty much restricted my PoS consumption to everything between “Entropia” and “Be”, bathing in the good old times. But times change, and when I was lucky enough to witness the two (!) PoS performances at ProgPower Europe 2014, including a show of Remedy Lane in its entirety, I...

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Madder Mortem – Red in Tooth and Claw

Even though I played in probably the world’s only female fronted doom metal band, I barely ever warm up with female vocals in metal. So I’ve ignored all the recent mentions of Madder Mortem, and even when they had been announced to open for Soen, I didn’t care. But boy, that was mistake! Because eventually, when I got introduced to their recent album, I had one of these awkward “where have I been all those years” moments when I found out that these guys are making such great music since around 20 years already, and I never heard from...

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