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Month: October 2019

Soulsplitter – Salutogenesis

‘The Sacrifice’ proves to be a worthy finale to this rollercoaster ride of emotions that is Soulsplitter’s debut album Salutogenesis and I can’t help but award this ambitious work of art with the highest rating. 5/5★

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Leprous – Pitfalls

With “Pitfalls”, Leprous created by far the most complex album in their discography, it is something else, is an album that marks a before and after, not only in their discography, but I dare to say in the progressive genre. The intricately layered sound and emotions are something to behold: this album is a difficult journey and a different one, at times filled with anger or hope. As varied as the human mind can be, Leprous created this musical journey as a reflection of these contradictory emotions. /Van 4.5/5★

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Hashshashin – Badakhshan

“Badakhshan” evokes a sense for the threads that hold mankind together since thousands of years, and recall an earthy feeling of an ancient tradition far away from our divided modern cultures.

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Nightmare Scenario – Beyond What is Real

Nightmare Scenario is everything you can expect from Dan Briggs: Dark, experimental, and amazingly creative. Each song has its proper identity, its proper atmosphere, and yet the record as a whole flows very well. If you’re into this more experimental side of prog music, don’t miss this project under any circumstances.

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