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Month: July 2020

Bastian Per – Epic Journey

They play into many of the musical elements that prog has seen before, making consistent use of the Dream Theater DNA, but the way they put them together allows them to stand on their own.

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Mobius – Kala

“Kala” is a fantastic sophomore full-length offering from Mobius. It’s filled with surprising twists and turns, innovative songwriting and a refreshing take on progressive metal and djent. There is a sense of time moving forward, towards the future with this album, and personally, it is a future I’m looking very much forward to”.

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Haken – Virus

Haken have set the tone for the future of progressive music with their newest album “Virus”, combining just about every sound they’ve ever explored into an artistic masterpiece.

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Myth of I – Myth of I

There are occasions of diversity, where Myth of I use atmosphere and melody to explore memorable, playful passages, but they are rare and often short-lived, only furthering the listener’s desire for more.

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Oceanica – OneDark

Oceanica is worth paying attention to, as there’s brilliance and innovation happening on the album that I don’t often feel I hear in modern, more formulaic, progressive music. If you are the kind of listener who enjoys challenging music and love to be surprised by twists and turns, I highly recommend you to check out “OneDark”.

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