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Heart Sound Metal Fest 2019 – Smash Hit Combo

What an interesting mix is HipHop, Metalcore, Djentcore and Melodic Metal! Even if Smash Hit Combo is not considered a progressive band, the mix they delivered was truly progressive. The band have a huge following in their native France and surely won more fans among the international audience present at Heart Sound Metal Fest. The energy and fun they displayed on stage and from within the audience was magnetic and contagious and left everyone with a big smile on their faces.

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Co-Founder of "The Prog Space". Coming from a musical family, and long time Prog and Metal lover. One of my passions is Photography and Web Design (16+ years career path), sharing this passion since 6 years as bag designer and maker. I like all things Prog, and listen a wide variety of styles within the "Progniverse", but what I enjoy most are the creativity and "out-of-the-box" approach musicians can offer us, their listeners. I consider that to be truly Prog!

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