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Progtalks Interviews Leprous – Ep. 20

Einar Solberg from Norwegian art rockers Leprous joins guest host Dario Albrecht this week on the Progtalks to talk about the unusual genesis of their new album “Aphelion”, the challenge of writing a song guided by fans and the role of guitar solos in prog music.

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Leprous – Aphelion

With “Pitfalls”, Leprous had set the bar in vertigo-inducing heights already. With “Aphelion”, they have now made the perfect jump for gold!

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Progtalks Interviews Musk Ox – Ep. 18

We’re back from our summer break with Nathanael Larochette and Raphael Weinroth-Browne from chamber-folk trio Musk Ox. They released their fantastic album “Inheritance” on the 9th of July. Listen to hear their thoughts and insights into the music they create!

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Episode 037: Amorphis

Episode 037 of the Progcast features a brand new inteview with Amorphis guitarist Tomi Koivusaari and a Best of January What’s Hot?! Section.

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Kamancello – Kamancello II – Voyage

With Kamancello II – Voyage, once again I just sit back, close my eyes and enjoy the ride these two otherworldly musicians kindly offered to us plain mortals. It remains a mystery to me, how Raphael’s and Shahriyar’s minds are seamlessly connected and able to produce such perfect beauty in one sit, record it and lend their musical heritage for all of us to enjoy and marvel with. 

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Kamancello – Kamancello

Beautiful music created with the heart, in a stream of pure improvisation, captured live without editing. Just as it came pouring from the passion and expertise of Shahriyar Jamshidi and Raphael Weinroth-Browne bringing together two different musical heritages, two different cultures that when both agree and hold each other’s hands, make clear we’re no different at all. This album is a celebration of music, of life and creation. Whether you’re into chamber instrumental music or not, I can only recommend you to buy this album now. It is one of the best things you could do today. 5/5 ★

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