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Here you will find all the different ways you can submit and promote your music at The Progspace, before submitting, read them all below. Please make sure your music fits our mission statement before contacting us. We mainly feature progressive, avant-garde, experimental, post-rock/metal, and related music. So if you don’t identify with any of these genres, we might not be the right webzine for you.

Please notice we don't publish news of any kind on our website, we don't have a section to inform about news related to bands, musicians. Things like a new single release, a new band member, etc. Sometimes we only share these kinds of news in our Facebook Page, usually direct from the band's Facebook Page. But if you want us to feature your band and music (Single, Video, EP, or Album), please find all the information by scrolling down.

Other ways to feature your band are through Interviews, such as a Video Interview (video call or recorded on-site) or a written interview (Mailer).

For Promo purposes, please send us an email to promo  @


For Premieres please read the last item on the list below! 

Or if you have any questions, send us a message through the contact form below.

How do I submit my music for review at The Progspace?

Any promotional materials should be sent to promo @ (be aware of the spaces around the symbol), please do not use any other email or mode of contact when requesting a review.

Sadly we can not guarantee you that we will review your music, we are a team of unpaid volunteers that run The Progspace as a hobby, and we are sent dozens of review requests every week. While we try to listen to and consider everything, within the genres we feature, we just don't have the time to review absolutely everything we receive.

If you're a PR Agency or a Music Label, please just make sure you add our email  promo @ (be aware of the spaces around the symbol) to your mailing lists featuring the styles we mentioned above: progressive, avant-garde, experimental, post-rock/metal, and related music.



What will we review?

At this time we only review full albums, and select EP's, we do not do singles/video reviews.

Singles or videos can be however be submitted, and might warrant inclusion in our social media news feeds, or featured in other articles on our website, such as “What's Hot" or "Rise & Shine”. They can also be played on “The Progfiles” radio-show. Please read the last item on this list. 

Please make sure your music fits our mission statement before requesting a review. We mainly feature progressive, avant-garde, experimental, post-rock/metal, and related music. So if you don't identify with any of these genres, we might not be the right site for you to contact about a review.

Also at this point we only review new releases. No re-issues, remastered editions of old albums etc, there is too much new music being released for us to spend time on that. If your album is older than 8 months, please do not submit it for review.




What to send, and how?

Please send your music as .rar or .zip files using an upload service like Dropbox, OneDrive, Mediafire etc. Download codes from Bandcamp also work very well, send us those!

Also please try to send us your album at least a month prior to the release date, as that will improve your chance of having the album reviewed, and the review being published around the time of the album release.

Please put a description of your music with genres etc in the heading or beginning of the email you send us, this will help us quickly decide which one of our reviewers will check out your music. Make sure you include a promo or press kit, or all necessary information in the mail, such as release date, label (if any), band bio, band photos and album cover, etc.

We very much prefer mp3's, as the size of flac/wav etc makes it harder for us to store, distribute to our reviewers etc. Make sure the files are correctly labelled with the artist and album names, having to spend time discovering what unmarked files belong where is frustrating and unnecessary.

We will consider streaming-only review links, but it's always easier for us if you just send the mp3's files.



Just send the files!

There is no need to contact us to ask us if you can send us music - save us, and yourself time and just send the files to our promo email address above!

Having to jump through extra hoops for us to be able to check out your music just makes it less likely for anyone of us to take the time to listen to your album.



How do I get my release included in your "What’s Hot?!", "Releases of the Week", or "Bandcamp Friday" articles?

For "What’s Hot?!" or "Releases of the Week", we generally need a video link to warrant inclusion (YouTube preferred). Send us a link to your video and to Spotify, and we will consider it for inclusion in the articles for the corresponding week.

For "Bandcamp Friday" it’s easy: just send us a link to your Bandcamp page.

Please make sure however that your music is within or related to the genres we feature (as described above).

Use the promo @ (be aware of the spaces around the symbol) email address, to request to be included in any of these articles/features as well. Please include the desired format or section in the email header as well in that case.



How do I get my single as a "Premiere" at The Progspace?

For your single to be featured as a simple "Premiere" or an "Exclusive Premiere", send us a message to premieres @ (be aware of the spaces around the symbol) email address. Please include "Premiere" in the email header as well.

We'll get in contact with you as soon as possible with all the information about the two kinds of premiere and the requirements needed.

Please make sure to download the instructions on this link
(pdf file) to agilize the process.



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