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Within Progress is within the Progtalks in our 1st ep of ’22

Fitting in nicely with the relatively young tradition of stellar Greek prog bands, Thessaloniki based 5-piece Within Progress is the current rising star in that scene. So we sat down with keyboarder/guitarist Tasos Platanionis to talk about their debut album “INNER”, influences from outside the Prog world and more on our first Progtalks episode of 2022.

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Progtalks Interviews Rage of Light

Swiss based Trance Metal outfit Rage of Light are the guests on this new episode of the Progtalks. We talk about the change in the lead vocal department, DIY music video production and everything about their new album “Redemption”.

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Progtalks Interviews Alex Pilkevych – Ep. 33

Solo artist Alex Pilkevych called from Wroclaw, Poland to have a nice Progtalk with host Dario about his new EP “That Way Lies Madness”, his musical influences over the years and scaring old ladies riding a bike, covered in mud and paint.

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Progtalks Interviews Leprous – Ep. 20

Einar Solberg from Norwegian art rockers Leprous joins guest host Dario Albrecht this week on the Progtalks to talk about the unusual genesis of their new album “Aphelion”, the challenge of writing a song guided by fans and the role of guitar solos in prog music.

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