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Author: Alina (WuTheLotus)

Interview with TEMIC’s Diego Tejeida: “This album is a testimony to perseverance, resilience, and motivation during dark times”

Fresh after the release of TEMIC’s highly anticipated debut album, Terror Management Theory, and as an exciting new chapter is opening up for the incredible group of musicians behind this groundbreaking project, we have an in-depth chat with co-founder, keyboardist, and sound designer Diego Tejeida about what TEMIC is, what it isn’t, and how it came to grace our music listening platforms with a sound that is nothing short of astounding.

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The Flower Kings – Look At You Now

Is The Flower Kings genre-defining now? In terms of reinvention, I’d say most likely not. But was it genre-defining then? Ab-so-prog-rock-lutely would be my answer! And while “Look At You Now” was released now instead of then, I strongly believe it is very much worth (at least) a listen.

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ARTmania 2023 – Festival Review

A review of the 2023 edition of Romanian prog festival ARTmania that brought together bands such as Porcupine Tree, Wardruna, Emperor, Pain of Salvation, Haken, TesseracT, Vulture Industries, Port Noir, or Samael in probably its best lineup to date.

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Voyager – Fearless in Love

“Fearless in Love” is a skillfully well-balanced album, especially at this specific point in Voyager’s evolution. It is neither a departure from what their loyal fans know and love (especially using their more recent work as baseline), nor is it restrictive for newer fans who don’t necessarily stem from a metal background. It is listenable, explorable, palatable, but in no way does it take away from what the band stands for. Not an easy balance to strike, in my opinion. If music could be seen in colors, this album—and I’d say Voyager in general—would span the whole rainbow. And I think prog needs that in the mix.

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Soen – Atlantis

“Atlantis”[…]gives insight into everything Soen stands for – both musically and thematically – from a completely fresh angle. One that gives a majestic touch to an already highly perfected sound.

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