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An Abstract Illusion – Woe

The creative effort, challenging topic and gargantuan scale of the delivery can only secure a place for “Woe” as one of the strongest contenders for the 2022 album of the year.

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Ardarith – Home

There is a hint of album no. 2 and if the quality of future material is up to the standard of “Home” it will be worth waiting for.

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Warforged – The Grove | Sundial

I feel like the band stayed true to the weird, ruthless concoction of sonic witchcraft and mad science that made their debut so savage, but they decided to take their listener’s risk of heart failure into account on this one.

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Soilwork – Övergivenheten

There you have it, Soilwork has delivered the goods once again on “Övergivenheten”. I wish more bands would sound so inspired so many years into their career!

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Stormbound – December

At the end of the album, it feels like you ran a marathon, been transported through many places and even different eras, as if you were on a proper adventure, and you’re left with a beautiful sense of finality.

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Anthea – Tales Untold

What we do have here is a talented set of musicians with plenty of great ideas. That should stand them in good stead for the future.

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Arch Enemy – Deceivers

This is a cracking album from one of the stalwarts of the metal world. Arch Enemy are another band that I need to keep an eye on now.

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Aronious – Irkalla

“Irkalla” follows the band’s unique brand of unstable, constantly shifting progressive tech-death, but it seems updated both in virtuosity and composition from its predecessor.

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Atomic Symphony – Hybris

While it is probably not the most innovative or surprising work I’ve heard, it is authentic, exceptionally well produced, and delivered by a tremendously talented group of musicians who really knew how to come together in their craft.

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Greylotus – Dawnfall

While I still struggle to take most of it seriously, I absolutely love hearing it. If you want everything you believe about the world to be proven wrong, be sure to spin “Dawnfall”.

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Conjurer – Páthos

Conjurer manages to make an album that captures everything I loved about “Mire” and expands upon it with more melody, more experimentation, and top tier compositions.

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Charlie Griffiths – Tiktaalika

Whether any of this material makes it onto the live scene remains to be seen, we can only hope. Failing that, another project from Charlie would be very welcome.

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RO1 – Errorist

Despite it being a heavy, technical and nerdy piece of music, the melodies evoke a lot of soul and create a mood that is very refreshing and relaxing but also energizing at once.

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