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Ibaraki – Rashomon

With Ibaraki and “Rashomon”, Matt Heafy delivered an album that can stand toe to toe with Ihsahn’s more celebrated works.

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Shadow of Intent – Elegy

I recommend “Elegy” to any fan of extreme music, especially to those who are tired of formulas, but even to them I’d say, you need a strong stomach for this one.

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Kaipa – Urskog

…there is once again so much to enjoy, so much excellent craftsmanship, which I think you don’t want to miss out on. So maybe I shouldn’t moan about the lack of renewal and just enjoy all the beauty that Kaipa once again brings us.

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Michael Whalen – Imaginary Trains

I suggest taking a break from reality, putting on “Imaginary Trains” and taking an hour or two to drive to some random new place. The pure, nostalgic feeling of the album will keep you company and turn your little journey into a peaceful getaway.

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Somali Yacht Club – The Space

Each of the songs on “The Space” is well-crafted, but with such music it is always hard to focus on individual songs. This is an album to be consumed as a whole, so it can wash over you and sweep you away.

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Monuments – In Stasis

These guys are definitely flying the flag for UK technical metal. They are not the only ones of course, but for me, they do stand out from the crowd. Hopefully, we have not seen the last of them, as this current line-up works well. The prospect of further releases is an exciting one, that is for sure.

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Soledad – XIII

Here we have a talented young band with bags of potential. Lola’s song writing is excellent and the whole approach seems very professional. I believe they will go on to bigger things and even better material. Long may both Soledad and that French je ne sais quoi continue.

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Carpenter Brut – Leather Terror

Even though Carpenter Brut’s music is electronic, I believe that many metal fans can find something to their liking on “Leather Terror” too. The music is heavy enough and the album contains plenty of great songs.

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Michael Romeo – War of the Worlds, Pt. 2

Michael is not only influenced by great guitarists, but also classical composers such as Beethoven, Ravel and Stravinsky. The maestro’s back catalogue speaks for itself, and this striking addition only strengthens that portfolio.

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Messa – Close

Messa has done a tremendous job being creative in a highly conservative genre and has created a very interesting album with “Close”.

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Agathodaimon – The Seven

Agathodaimon has made an impressive comeback with renewed inspiration and is ready to reclaim its place as one of the leading artists in the symphonic black metal scene.

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