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Lycania – My Kingdom Come

If you too want to get rid of all that cheap supermarket symphonic metal and nourish your ears with some healthy organic goodies, then I strongly recommend Lycania’s debut record.

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Temic – Terror Management Theory

Albums that impress me this much are rare but not unknown. This debut by Temic is outstanding and I have felt honoured to have had the chance to express my views on it. My appetite is well and truly whetted, and I am now hungry for more, so I hope that won’t be too long coming.

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Stortregn – Finitude

I was expecting an exciting competition for tech-death supremacy to emerge towards the end of the year, as the release date to “Finitude” grew closer.  What I didn’t expect, however, was that this album was going to shatter the bar and go play in a league of its own.

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Blackbriar – A Dark Euphony

As a prog fan, I always like to hear new things and get some surprise factor, but in Blackbriar’s case, the formula hasn’t yet become redundant and I’m perfectly fine with another album following this recipe.

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Alkaloid – Numen

On top of the fact that it is excellently put together as a modern death metal album, “Numen” might also be one of the most diverse and multi-faceted extreme metal releases I’ve come across!

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Tegmentum – Evolvement

Despite having sat through a bunch of technical death metal albums since the beginning of this year, I can easily say that Tegmentum dropped the most brutal album of 2023 so far. And it will be a very difficult one to top.

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Of Virtue – Omen

Even if you are not a fan of metalcore you might find yourself warming to this band. The aggression that inevitably comes with the genre is tempered by the melodic elements running through the album.

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Psygnosis – Mercury

This is an album to listen to when you are relaxed, preferably with your favourite tipple and with the lights dimmed. Just let the soundscape wash over you and take you to the far reaches of the Solar System

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Kallias – First Ascent

“First Ascent” is an extraordinary display of clever composition, diverse technical abilities and ingenious combinations that stands as a unique voice in the progressive death metal scene! 

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Distention – Nothing Comes From Death

Distention does a great job of bringing together the old and the new, and I can totally see it as a gateway for the older generations of metalheads to familiarize themselves with the new wave of tech-death, or vice-versa.

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The Flower Kings – Look At You Now

Is The Flower Kings genre-defining now? In terms of reinvention, I’d say most likely not. But was it genre-defining then? Ab-so-prog-rock-lutely would be my answer! And while “Look At You Now” was released now instead of then, I strongly believe it is very much worth (at least) a listen.

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Mystfall – Celestial Vision

Mystfall are another jewel in the crown for Scarlett Records and go on my ever-growing list of acts to watch out for. I hope this isn’t the last we hear from them.

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TB Project – Hourglass of Exile

“Hourglass of Exile” is Taylor Batory’s crowning achievement, because prog albums that are this perfectly crafted are incredibly hard to come by. I really can’t recommend this one enough.

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Voyager – Fearless in Love

“Fearless in Love” is a skillfully well-balanced album, especially at this specific point in Voyager’s evolution. It is neither a departure from what their loyal fans know and love (especially using their more recent work as baseline), nor is it restrictive for newer fans who don’t necessarily stem from a metal background. It is listenable, explorable, palatable, but in no way does it take away from what the band stands for. Not an easy balance to strike, in my opinion. If music could be seen in colors, this album—and I’d say Voyager in general—would span the whole rainbow. And I think prog needs that in the mix.

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Omnibeing – Recurrence

Omnibeing, a one-man project by Vital Shemetavets, has released a semaphore album, Recurrence, which might not be groundbreaking or having many hooks, but can be enjoyed by the fans of technical instrumental music, and saxophone lovers

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Atomic Symphony – Nemesis

Despite only 5 tracks summing less than 40 minutes of run-time, “Nemesis” comes across as a convincing progressive metal effort that takes the listener on a complex emotional journey.

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Cynic – ReFocus

Cynic’s 1993 debut “Focus” was nothing short of tantamount to the collective development of modern progressive metal. In celebration of its 30th anniversary, mastermind Paul Masvidal revisited his own history book to give the cherished album a rejuvenation, with the self-released “ReFocus”.

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Structural – Decrowned

Structural’s sophomore effort wastes no time and takes no prisoners. It is a relentless display of punchy and creative death metal with just enough variety to turn their craft into a maelstrom of sophisticated badassery!

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