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The Progspace Online Festival 2021

Category: Albums

Cynic – Ascension Codes

“Ascension Codes” isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes an open mind and a lot of dedication and perseverance before it unveils its otherworldly and ethereal beauty.

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Magnum – The Monster Roars

It may not necessarily be a typical Magnum album, but it certainly has the Magnum sound and does not disappoint. It’s full of well-crafted material and bodes well for the band in the years to come.

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Inferi – Vile Genesis

When you put together the technique, complexity, epic melodies and infernal oppressive aura, it sounds like “Vile Genesis” might just be 2021’s most evil album.

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Dessiderium – Aria

After a stream of the full-length I was easily convinced that this project refuses genre boundaries and taps into many different faces of extreme metal, as well as some other influences.

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Syrek – Story

Narration that is delivered like a children’s story, but with music for grown-ups. It’s an unusual approach, but oddly comforting. I think it really is a monster.

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Persona – Animal

It keeps the energy levels up almost all the way through, and flashes off fiery technicality in an elegant way that doesn’t distract from the energy and feel of the music.

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Rage of Light – Redemption

Something tells me that we haven’t seen the last of Rage of Light. I think there’s plenty more ideas brewing, and I’ll be keen to get a taste.

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