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Anubis Gate – Interference

While “Interference” is in certain ways new and diverse, and will take several listens to fully grasp and appreciate, it is also very much in line with the Anubis Gate sound established on every single release by the band since their formation in 2003. With this album the listener should be ready to be taken on an emotional musical rollercoaster, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this album topped many a release-of-the-year list.

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The Nefilim – Zoon (Retrospective)

“Zoon” stands as one of the best gothic metal albums ever, and a very influential album for anyone mixing heavy guitar riffs with a cinematic feel. And while it’s not really “prog”, it played its part as an influence for the more atmospheric bands.

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Soen – Atlantis

“Atlantis”[…]gives insight into everything Soen stands for – both musically and thematically – from a completely fresh angle. One that gives a majestic touch to an already highly perfected sound.

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ТДК/TDK – Nemesta

With “Nemesta” you get to experience a wide range of emotions, even without understanding the lyrics. I can already smell the pretentious suburban middle class /mu/ users claiming it. “So sovietcore”.

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Ne Obliviscaris – Exul

Over five years has been a long time to wait for this, but it was delayed for obvious reasons. I hope another release of this quality will not be too far in the future.

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Stömb – Massive Disturbed Meta Art

Like many bands, the pandemic put the brakes on their progress for a couple of years. I am sure they are keen to do some catching up now. “Massive Disturbed Meta Art” will hopefully get them off to a flying restart.

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Haken – Fauna

Is this the best Haken album so far? Perhaps but it is certainly the most complex, which may split opinions. One thing is for sure, the band are further cementing their status in the upper echelons of progressive rock/metal.

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Insomnium – Anno 1696

“Anno 1696” is an album by a band that embraced its inner darkness, combined it with its previous strengths and managed to create a unique masterpiece of tremendous quality.

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Mask of Prospero – Hiraeth

This album has been three years in the making but is well worth the wait. I hope we don’t have to wait another three years for the next release, because this is another great Greek story.

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Avandra – Prodigal

This new release is certainly a progression, they are obviously not afraid to experiment, so it will be interesting to know what’s in the pipeline.

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MMXX – Sacred Cargo

“Sacred Cargo” is an album that will please many fans of melancholic doom metal. Such a powerful debut deserves a follow-up!

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Avatarium – Death, Where Is Your Sting

“Death, Where Is Your Sting” is a mesmerizing album full of highlights, crafted by musicians who are not afraid to experiment, yet also manage to turn these experiments into excellent songwriting.

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Sede Vacante – Conium

Conium is a very good example of the genre. The music has a harder edge than some other symphonic metal bands. I hope they keep that part of their compositions but also continue to include some softer tracks because that works.

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Lorna Shore – Pain Remains

In these dark times everyone has their own way of coping. For me, music helps and sometimes that includes extreme music. The precision is jaw dropping and the arrangements are unpredictable and satisfying. The band seem to strive to better themselves constantly and it remains to be seen where they go next.

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Haven of Echoes – The Indifferent Stars

Everything Paul touches seems to turn to gold and his accomplice Andreas appears to have the same ability. So, this partnership has quality stamped all over it. “The Indifferent Stars” is a fine addition to the catalogue of both musicians and who knows, we may see more from them. I certainly hope so.

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An Abstract Illusion – Woe

The creative effort, challenging topic and gargantuan scale of the delivery can only secure a place for “Woe” as one of the strongest contenders for the 2022 album of the year.

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