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Author: Bob

Inferi – Of Sunless Realms

If the material for the new album is of the same calibre as this EP, then we may well have a truly epic album to look forward to. If this band continues to evolve in this direction there will be no stopping them.

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Gazpacho – Fireworker

In the absence of their live performances, this excellent album should keep you satisfied for now. Gazpacho remain vivacious, evocative, and imaginative after all these years and long may that continue.

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Cult of Lilith – Mara

This album deserves full marks because of the excellent production, superb musicianship, and great innovation. It is unbelievably good for a debut album. It leaves you hungry for more.

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Denominate – Isochron

The story of the album takes the listener on a journey spanning millenniums, exploring themes about the nature of the universe and the morality of actions taken in an uncaring world

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Black Crown Initiate – Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape

“Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape” is the best thing they have released to date. It is hard to imagine them making anything much better, because this album is superb, but who knows. They have packed so much stuff into these nine tracks, I hear something new each time I play this album.

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UK-Tech-Fest 2019

Over forty hours of music behind us. Plenty of amazing bands, great company and a few beers along the way. Back to reality tomorrow, but how real is reality? Many thanks to Simon and all the Tech-Fest team for another outstanding festival. We will be back next year.

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