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About us

We’re a group of Prog-lovers who started a journey to share with you our thoughts about albums, concerts, tours and festivals, the photo galleries of the Prog concerts we visit, as well interviews with upcoming or established musicians or prog-related people. Follow our Facebook page for frequent updates and news around the Progniverse.

We created The Progspace out of love for our favorite music genre and the desire to share our views and love for this music: new and established. We support all Prog bands, focusing on those starting or less known. We also support labels, festivals and everyone involved in creating and spreading this music. We created our Progspace to encourage a community where fans can find about their favorite bands and discover new ones, thus encouraging bands and musicians to continue creating the awesome music we all love.

As you can see, we’re just Prog rock and Prog metal fans, with long years listening to this special musical genre, and with different degrees of experience writing, sharing and talking about it. We’ll be writing and sharing about the music we love. As this is a part time project we don’t have the resources to be a news hub or a platform to review and rate every single prog band out there. But as we have a wide varied musical taste, we might be covering a wide range of bands, concerts and styles within the Prog rock and mostly Prog Metal genres, as long as our private lives allow us. We all have our daily jobs and chores to do, to which we dedicate all of our possible time, as we do to our favorite hobby: Prog! After all we don’t have a private office, we live in different coutries and we’ll be hitting the ‘publish’ button sometimes even from our beds!

If you’re a band, a manager, a journalist, or just another Prog freak like us and want to contact us for different purposes, please follow these guidelines:

If you want to say hi, send us your greetings, praise us, send a hug and a chocolate box and maybe a bottle of artisan beer or a good red wine, you can use the Contact page and drop us some lines.

If you’re writing album and concert reviews, and would like them to be published on our site, with prior revision and agreement, please visit the Team page and drop us a line using the contact form you’ll find there.

If you’re a band manager or a band member, a concert promoter, a festival organizer, please send us your message using: [email protected]


 Thank you for visiting The Progspace! Your space for everything Prog!