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Kayak – Seventeen

Personally I would have loved to hear some of the more delicate and discreet parts, that made their early albums stand out, make their way back into the bands music. Still, it's definitely an album worth owning if you enjoy this kind of theatrical symphonic rock.

Concert Reviews


Persefone, Oddland & Defecto Tour Review

Persefone are one of the best live bands out there these days. Their unique combination of mind-blowing complexity, a sheer abundance of energy and power mixed with melodies from outer space and some philosophical spirituality is highly contagious.



Q&A with Lazuli – Dominique Leonetti and Romain Thorel

Q&A with Lazuli (Dominique Leonetti and Romain Thorel. Dominique and Romain talk about Lazuli's most recent European tour and about their most recent album "Saison 8", its writing process, the uniqueness of Lazuli sound and instruments, and some more.

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