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Author: Dario

Soulsplitter – Salutogenesis

‘The Sacrifice’ proves to be a worthy finale to this rollercoaster ride of emotions that is Soulsplitter’s debut album Salutogenesis and I can’t help but award this ambitious work of art with the highest rating. 5/5★

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Summer Breeze 2019

Bonus Episode of The Progcast reporting from the Summer Breeze Open Air, including interviews with Loathe, Nailed to Obscurity, Unprocessed and Cypecore.

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Interview with Ragnar Ólaffson from Árstíðir

Just before he went on stage in Munich with his bandmates from Árstíðir, we were happy to chat with vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Ragnar Ólaffson about all things Árstíðir, the icelandic music scene, why he prefers metal fans to pop fans and his various other projects.

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