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Author: Andrei Dan

Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

This album maintains many of the elements that Spiritbox have displayed on previous releases, but also brings a lot of fresh new ideas and creativity to the table.

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Compile – Reaching

The sound is very unique, very eclectic and the level of musicianship is off the charts, yet it is not a show-off album, but a beautiful, captivating and melodic one.

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Mechina – Siege

The mix of cyber-technical and industrial metal with the epic atmospheric and melodic elements is a superb recipe.

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Plini – Impulse Voices

This album showcases all that Plini is about better than any of his previous releases. It’s vibrant, relaxed and weird in all the good ways!

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Intervals – Circadian

On his latest offering, our guitar hero, Aaron Marshall has prepared eight skillfully refined bangers, blending hooky melodies, engaging groovy riffs and some seriously fun vibin’.

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Scardust – Strangers

Whether you love symphonic metal, classic prog metal, concept albums, soundtrack vibes or heavy aggression, I can’t hype this album enough for you.

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White Walls – Grandeur

If you are into heavy progressive metal with both impact and clever atmosphere, the likes of Opeth or The Ocean in particular, this is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

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Sordid Pink

The musicians that created Destiny Potato, now take an entirely different creative path and resurrect this band under the name Sordid Pink.

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Rohan Sharma – 18

This album sounds like a professional piece of art that could easily top many releases from well-established prog bands and artists.

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Eight Lives Down – Humans

“Humans” pieces together a variety of musical influences that sets it apart from anything I’ve ever heard but it also carries the familiarity of a thrash/groove metal record

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Humavoid – Lidless

With a new line-up and fresh energy, Humavoid take their self-defined sound to a new level, amplifying complexity, expressivity and diversity to previously unseen levels.

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