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Author: Marcel

VOLA – Witness

VOLA has produced a style transcending album that is catchy, well produced, heavier than their previous productions, but still one of those albums that in a few years’ time you’ll still put on because it never gets tiring.

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Wheel – Resident Human

Wheel manages to capture a turbulent year, the fickleness of human nature and the emotional turmoil we all feel in current society into a single album. And that is truly an amazing accomplishment.

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Thurisaz – Re-Incentive

The band pulls you into their musical world from the first notes, and don’t release you from the beautiful soundscape until the last keyboard notes have faded out.

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Pain of Salvation – Panther

A great album to start for the new listener, and at the same time an album that the avid fan needs in their collection of Pain of Salvation albums. Panther neatly fits into the long list of amazing albums Pain of Salvation released, while deftly putting its progressive foot down on some new, previously undiscovered ground.

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Hemina – Night Echoes

“Night Echoes” invites you to watch the world through the main character’s eyes and ride the ebbs and flows of his emotions as he deals with a harrowing loss, guided by the ever onward chugging progressive metal train that is Hemina.

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Wilderun – Veil of Imagination

On “Veil of Imagination” something wonderful is created. A beautiful mix between folk, pagan, progressive, death, black, and even melodic, gothic and most of all symphonic metal. In my eyes Wilderun have created a sort of perfect mix of styles so that every person who enjoys listening to metal can find a song that they like.

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