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Anubis Gate in exclusive interview, talking about “Interference”, life & death, prog scene and more!

We sat down with Kim Olesen, Michael Bodin and Morten Gade Sørensen from the Danish progressive metal legends Anubis Gate, on a sunny friday afternoon to talk about the release of their new album and 9th album “Interference” and it turned out to be a long conversation, at times funny or turning to deep subjects like life, death, music education, as well as an overview of the band’s writing process and the Danish prog scene among much more! 

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Anubis Gate – Interference

While “Interference” is in certain ways new and diverse, and will take several listens to fully grasp and appreciate, it is also very much in line with the Anubis Gate sound established on every single release by the band since their formation in 2003. With this album the listener should be ready to be taken on an emotional musical rollercoaster, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this album topped many a release-of-the-year list.

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Progtalks Interviews Rasmus Revsbech (Franklin Zoo)

For the last interview episode of the year, we called Franklin Zoo frontman Rasmus Revsbech in the outskirts of Denmark to talk about the origins of the band, the development over the years and of course their brand new album “The Dandelion Child”.

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VOLA – Witness

VOLA has produced a style transcending album that is catchy, well produced, heavier than their previous productions, but still one of those albums that in a few years’ time you’ll still put on because it never gets tiring.

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Pyramaze – Epitaph

With “Epitaph”, Pyramaze demonstrates that they’re still very much in the game of powerful melodic metal by delivering an album with beautifully orchestrated melodies and emotional guitar solos overlaying a solid framework of catchy riffs and energetic rhythms.

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Manticora – To Live to Kill to Live

While still holding true to their style, Manticora managed to write an album of its own character and reach levels of masterful prowess in quality that will likely push their name further into the world of prog and metal.

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Eciton – Suspension of Disbelief

Get ready for a relentless display of blast beats, screams and dirty overdriven guitars delivered at ridiculously fast tempos. Eciton’s “Suspension of Disbelief” presents a raw, stripped down form of technical death metal that leaves no room to draw your breath.

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