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Tag: technical death metal

Alkaloid – Numen

On top of the fact that it is excellently put together as a modern death metal album, “Numen” might also be one of the most diverse and multi-faceted extreme metal releases I’ve come across!

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Tegmentum – Evolvement

Despite having sat through a bunch of technical death metal albums since the beginning of this year, I can easily say that Tegmentum dropped the most brutal album of 2023 so far. And it will be a very difficult one to top.

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Structural – Decrowned

Structural’s sophomore effort wastes no time and takes no prisoners. It is a relentless display of punchy and creative death metal with just enough variety to turn their craft into a maelstrom of sophisticated badassery!

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Demon King – Vesania

Demon King’s debut was an instant dose of satisfaction for me. And after sitting through a couple of streams of “Vesania”, the only thought process that I can expect went behind this one is “Let’s do it again… but MORE”.

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Warforged – The Grove | Sundial

I feel like the band stayed true to the weird, ruthless concoction of sonic witchcraft and mad science that made their debut so savage, but they decided to take their listener’s risk of heart failure into account on this one.

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Greylotus – Dawnfall

While I still struggle to take most of it seriously, I absolutely love hearing it. If you want everything you believe about the world to be proven wrong, be sure to spin “Dawnfall”.

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The Devils of Loudun – Escaping Eternity

It’s hard for me to pinpoint what exactly makes their music work so well and hook me almost instantly, but I would say there is no secret ingredient, rather a very meticulous and cleverly orchestrated balance between the various elements they have to offer.

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Inferi – Vile Genesis

When you put together the technique, complexity, epic melodies and infernal oppressive aura, it sounds like “Vile Genesis” might just be 2021’s most evil album.

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