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Tag: Progressive Metal

Temic – Terror Management Theory

Albums that impress me this much are rare but not unknown. This debut by Temic is outstanding and I have felt honoured to have had the chance to express my views on it. My appetite is well and truly whetted, and I am now hungry for more, so I hope that won’t be too long coming.

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Atomic Symphony – Nemesis

Despite only 5 tracks summing less than 40 minutes of run-time, “Nemesis” comes across as a convincing progressive metal effort that takes the listener on a complex emotional journey.

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Cynic – ReFocus

Cynic’s 1993 debut “Focus” was nothing short of tantamount to the collective development of modern progressive metal. In celebration of its 30th anniversary, mastermind Paul Masvidal revisited his own history book to give the cherished album a rejuvenation, with the self-released “ReFocus”.

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Kahrmalia Project – Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia

“Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia” is a promising debut by the Kahrmalia Project and a strong foundation for the future. Definitely an artist to keep an eye on if you are into gothic metal or if you generally enjoy some melancholic music once in a while.

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Gorod – The Orb

Gorod unleashes yet another impressive display of technical prowess fused with elaborate melodic undercurrents. Far from a mere metal album, the work is stylistically diverse and serves up several stylistic surprises for a thriller of a listening experience.

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Vulture Industries – Ghosts from the Past

After four years in the making, Vulture Industries created the album that might be their best one yet. Still very distinctly Vulture Industries and very dark, this album will definitely be enjoyed by the fans old and new

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