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Tag: Progressive Metal

Tool – Fear Inoculum

If you’re in this situation, what do you do. It’s been 13 years, you have a very excited and devoted fanbase, rumors that the new album was in the works circulated for years, and the hype soared when it was announced. How are you possibly going to be able to live up to the expectations? Well, if you’re Tool, just doing your own thing is more than enough.

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Kin Beneath Chorus – Winner of Euroblast Festival Contest

A month ago, Kin Beneath Chorus, a modern metal band from Greece participated in a contest to open Euroblast Festival 2019. Little did they know that their fans and community would support them so much that they won and the guys are stoked about it ! Wanna more about the band before discovering them live at Euroblast Festival in September ? Head over to the article !

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Avandra – Descender

“Descender” puts Puerto Rico on the map of progressive metal, and it adds an exclamation mark. The songwriting is diverse and full of ideas, the musicianship is always spot on. Avandra is definitely a band to keep an eye on in the next years! 4/5★

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Prognosis Festival

For a first time edition, Prognosis Festival held the bar very high whether it was with the line up and also all the additional events with conferences, masterclasses, signing sessions. Even though one could have wished for a better schedule with no overlapping bands, the line up was incredible to set up a first time event and create a unique festival signature. Incredible but safe, there were hardly any bands on the bill that the progressive metal fans had not heard of. And of course the hottest acts of the moment were headlining. But as a first time edition, better be safe than sorry!

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Valence – Cognitive Dissidents

Valence manage to make an extremely intriguing piece of instrumental metal. The individual performances are all stellar; the music never gets boring! It’s a very well-crafted and substantial experience, and if you are a fan of bands like Scale the Summit and Between the Buried and Me, Valence will be right up your alley. 4,5/5 ★

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The Ocean Collective, Downfall Of Gaia, Herod live at Mama Roux Birmingham 20 March 2019

“Maybe not that big mainstream, but within progressive metal circles these guys (The Ocean Collective) have near cult following. The sheer energy this band produces on stage and passes on to the crowd is unbelievable”. Enjoy the gig review for Herod, Downfall of Gaia and The Ocean Collective at Mama Roux, Birmingham from our UK based contributor Arta Gailuma!

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