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Tag: Progressive Metal

Illumishade – Another Side of You

Illumishade’s “Another Side of You” is the ultimate hybrid of genres, sounds and emotions not just because of how many puzzle pieces it puts together, but because of how beautiful and coherent the final picture is.

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Persefone – Lingua Ignota: Part I

They were always kings of odd time signatures, disrupted rhythmic songwriting and extreme technicality, so to see them scale down on these aspects was not something I was ready for. I was also afraid they’d just dilute their creativity to please a wider audience. But Persefone is as strong as it ever was, if not even stronger.

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Borknagar – Fall

“Fall” is another solid addition to Borknagar’s impressive catalogue, as it’s built on a strong foundation of excellent songwriting and musicianship. If you’re a fan of progressive metal with a touch of the extreme, you really can’t go wrong with Borknagar.

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Caligula’s Horse – Charcoal Grace

January is certainly serving up some sumptuous fruits, and this is another strong contender for my AOTY 2024. In these terrible times (was it not ever thus) where news is rarely good, releases such as this sustain me. They help to hold back pessimistic thoughts and long may it continue. The song writing is sublime, the execution flawless, and the urge to play the whole thing over again is inescapable.

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No Terror in the Bang – Heal

This genre changeling of a band with their kaleidoscope range of styles are a breath of fresh air. It is only 2 weeks into the new year, and I do believe I am looking at an early contender for my album of the year.

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Temic – Terror Management Theory

Albums that impress me this much are rare but not unknown. This debut by Temic is outstanding and I have felt honoured to have had the chance to express my views on it. My appetite is well and truly whetted, and I am now hungry for more, so I hope that won’t be too long coming.

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