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The Progspace Awards 2020

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This week our guest is the amazingly prolific Mattias Olsson. Most of you might know him as the drummer of legendary Swedish progrock act Änglagård, but that is, of course, just a tiny part of Olsson’s massive output.

Uncle Prog” (Rune Belsvik Reinås) talks to him about his work, both as a musician and a producer. We discuss his recent releases, including his own project Molesome, and of course the magnificent tribute to Tom Doncourt with “Tom Doncourt & Mattias Olssons Cathedral”. We also find time to go into a plethora of other bands and projects that Mattias has, or is working with.

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The PROGTALKS is an interview series by The Progspace. Every Wednesday, you can listen to our editor, and walking-library-of-prog, Rune ‘Uncle Prog’ Beslvik Reinås, talking to artists and performers from the Progressive music scene from all around the world.

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  • Host: Rune Belsvik Reinås
  • Produced by Rune Belsvik Reinås, Vanessa and Matthias Kirsch
  • All graphics and animations by Vanessa Kirsch
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Progtalks by The Progspace

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Progtalks by the Progspace
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