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Diablo Swing Orchestra live in Quantic (Bucharest, Romania) – September 15th, 2023

Diablo Swing Orchestra live in Quantic (Bucharest, Romania) – September 15th, 2023

Immediately after attending a Diablo Swing Orchestra live performance for the very first time in my own hometown, I was so completely dazzled that I just had to share a few heartfelt thoughts. So here is my unaltered post-concert, 12 a.m. spontaneous review-meets-love letter:

Diablo Swing Orchestra is one of the absolute best musical acts I’ve witnessed, ever. This includes all of my favorite bands, groups and artists of legendary renown I’ve had the honor of experiencing live, essentially anyone I’ve ever seen performing any kind of music on any kind of stage. Diablo Swing Orchestra - Quantic - 15 September 2023 (15)The level of musical culture and performative prowess that goes into this project is mind-boggling, to say the least. An unexpected blend of genres that require entirely different approaches seamlessly bleeding into one other, a vast array of instruments, a multitude of voices; not just by number of vocalists, but also by number of vocal styles per capita. An explosion of color, literally and figuratively. A kaleidoscopic display of flawless sound and undisguised joy of playing. And testament to all of this, beyond anything else, is the audience’s response; a room full of metalheads donning some of their most obscure band shirts, all up on restless feet, ready to sway, bounce, mosh, groove, headbang, cluck like chickens, or break into spontaneous pit hora, all in perfect tune with the equally surprising shifts in rhythm. I’ve known and loved DSO for a while, but experiencing them live introduces an entirely new level of amazement. If you have the chance to see them anywhere close, book the ticket now. Buy their music, buy their merch, share them with others. Believe me, they deserve it. And so do you. Diablo Swing Orchestra - Quantic - 15 September 2023 (25)


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Alina (WuTheLotus)

Music fiend from Romania. Sometimes I write.

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