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Author: Lykle

My Dying Bride – A Mortal Binding

Is the bride truly dying? In times of internal struggle, My Dying Bride releases its 14th full-length studio album. While it does not stand among the band’s major classics, it is a solid album that mostly deserves praise.

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Borknagar – Fall

“Fall” is another solid addition to Borknagar’s impressive catalogue, as it’s built on a strong foundation of excellent songwriting and musicianship. If you’re a fan of progressive metal with a touch of the extreme, you really can’t go wrong with Borknagar.

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Kahrmalia Project – Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia

“Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia” is a promising debut by the Kahrmalia Project and a strong foundation for the future. Definitely an artist to keep an eye on if you are into gothic metal or if you generally enjoy some melancholic music once in a while.

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Insomnium – Anno 1696

“Anno 1696” is an album by a band that embraced its inner darkness, combined it with its previous strengths and managed to create a unique masterpiece of tremendous quality.

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Somali Yacht Club – The Space

Each of the songs on “The Space” is well-crafted, but with such music it is always hard to focus on individual songs. This is an album to be consumed as a whole, so it can wash over you and sweep you away.

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Carpenter Brut – Leather Terror

Even though Carpenter Brut’s music is electronic, I believe that many metal fans can find something to their liking on “Leather Terror” too. The music is heavy enough and the album contains plenty of great songs.

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Messa – Close

Messa has done a tremendous job being creative in a highly conservative genre and has created a very interesting album with “Close”.

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Agathodaimon – The Seven

Agathodaimon has made an impressive comeback with renewed inspiration and is ready to reclaim its place as one of the leading artists in the symphonic black metal scene.

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Celeste – Assassine(s)

All songs on “Assassine(s)” have their impact and blend together into a modern extreme metal album that deserves to be heard. Not for the faint of heart, but there is a lot to enjoy for those who are up for a journey into the deepest, darkest abyss.

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Molybaron – The Mutiny

Without a doubt, “The Mutiny” is a masterpiece of modern progressive metal with killer grooves, killer songs and a killer sound. Album of the year! 9/10

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TRNA – Istok

All things considered, “Istok” is an album that gives me mixed feelings. There are some great moments here and Trna’s musical talent is obvious, but it’s just not compelling enough to make a difference.

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