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Author: Evelina

ТДК/TDK – Nemesta

With “Nemesta” you get to experience a wide range of emotions, even without understanding the lyrics. I can already smell the pretentious suburban middle class /mu/ users claiming it. “So sovietcore”.

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Michael Whalen – Imaginary Trains

I suggest taking a break from reality, putting on “Imaginary Trains” and taking an hour or two to drive to some random new place. The pure, nostalgic feeling of the album will keep you company and turn your little journey into a peaceful getaway.

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YAWN – Materialism

“Materialism” kept me on my toes from start to finish. I always admire interesting and avant-garde, but well-balanced approaches to metal like this.

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Closure in Moscow – Pink Lemonade

“Pink Lemonade” is this great album, in which with each re-listen you notice new little details. If you need something wacky ala The Mars Volta in your life, don’t hesitate to give it a try!

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Green Lung – Black Harvest

I can ramble all day long about Green Lung and every little detail I spotted in their outstanding and fresh music, but I like to keep my reviews as short and sweet as possible. You have to check them out yourself. Do it. Join the cult. Join us. 

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The Sun or the Moon – Cosmic

“Cosmic” is the album I can envision that one pretentious but chill local ex-hippie artist playing on the premiere of their newest surrealist exhibition. If you don’t understand what I mean, you will surely get it after checking it out.

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Michael Whalen – Future Shock

To sum everything up, the album is fantastic, you have to get a taste of that “Future Shock” yourself to truly see the picture I’m trying to paint in this short review!

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Odd Circus – Mantha

Although short, “Mantha” is a fantastic listen, especially for people who struggle to find time for full-length albums but want to immerse themselves in another world!

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Project Mishram – Meso

‘Meso’ is exactly the culturally diverse, weird but not too avant-garde fusion album I’ve been craving for in a while and I can’t wait to hear what more MishraM has to offer. 9/10★

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MEER – Playing House

“Playing House” is coming to kill the winter blues and has all the right tools – catchy hooks, memorable melodies, depth and complexity. Judging by the fact that the first single dates back to 2018 it’s safe to say that this album has been cooking for a while, which has only made it more refined.

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