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A loaded week featuring 3 catchy prog acts!

Releases of the Week 19/2021 with Acolyte, Frost* and Lysjakt
A loaded week featuring 3 catchy prog acts!

This week, our highlights include the impressive sophomore album by Australian proggers Acolyte, the highly-anticipated new full-length record from UK’s neo-prog act Frost*, and a killer progressive sludge/death metal debut from Norwegian solo project Lysjakt. Alongside that, there’s loads more releases that dropped and are worth your attention!

Acolyte - Entropy

14 May, 2021 | Wild Thing Records

Australian prog rock quintet Acolyte are presenting their sophomore album “Entropy” today. Their style is surprisingly old-school for such a young band, but they present it with passion, vigor and determination. They also excel at the seemingly paradoxical impression of a cohesive band effort and sound, yet giving all the members a lot of room to shine. Their different styles and backgrounds just gel perfectly and when bassist Jason Grondland seamlessly passes the solo torch to keyboardist David Van Pelt in the middle of the opening title track, it elevates the whole song while never coming across as flashy. Vocalist Morgan Leigh-Brown‘s passionate performance is the icing on the cake of a powerful artistic statement from an emerging band that I’m sure will have a lot to say in the coming years… Dario

Frost* - Day And Age

14 May, 2021 | Inside Out Music

Following up a debut album that attained instant modern classic status like “Milliontown” is no easy feat and responses to 2008’s “Experiments in Mass Appeal” and 2016’s  “Falling Satellites” were a bit divided. Last year’s “Others” EP has shown a more electronic side to Frost*’s sound, but now they’re back with their fourth full length album, “Day And Age”. A drummer short since the departure of Craig Blundell, the british trio of Jem Godfrey, John Mitchell and Nathan King just enlisted the help of three different drummers to fit the needs of different songs. So how does “Day And Age” fit into the discography of Frost*? Splendidly I’d say, presenting an excellent balance between melody, experimentation and heaviness. Don’t get fooled by the single edit of the opening title track, the best is yet to come in the second part of this monster! ‘Kill The Orchestra’ and ‘Repeat To Fade’ (with wonderful reprises of the ‘Day And Age’ motifs) are unbeatable as closing double and propel Frost* back to the forefront of the modern progressive rock movement. Dario

Lysjakt - Ethereal Palace

12 May, 2021 | Ofstad Records

From full band to solo project, Lysjakt emerged in the Norwegian scene with their explosive debut album “Ethereal Palace”. This record was composed throughout the timeframe of the pandemic, and it doesn’t hold back. Project leader Marius Ofstad took charge in writing, recording, and producing as well, alongside some notable guest appearances including Maciek Ofstad (Kvelertak) and Martin Skar Berger (Equilibrium). The music itself is a proggy sludge/death metal outfit that takes influence from bands like Target and Turbid North… or Trivium for sludge metal fans, if you’re unfamiliar with those groups. A relatively quick and catchy, yet heavy delivery that will hit you on the first listen. Strong production, punishing riffs, versatile and unique vocals… what else could you possibly need? Don’t miss out on this one! Colin

More releases for 14 May, 2021

  • Nakhara - The Procession (May 8)
  • The Resonance Association - You Will Know When the Time is Right (May 9)
  • Dylan Furr - The Final Return (May 10)
  • Teramaze - Sorella Minore (May 11, Wells Records)
  • Before & Apace - The Denisovan (May 11)
  • Dead and Dripping - Miasmic Eulogies Predicating an Eternal Nocturne (May 12)
  • Axial - Conflict of Mortals (May 12)
  • Subterranean Masquerade - Mountain Fever (May 14, Sensory Records / Laser’s Edge)
  • Dordeduh - Har (May 14, Prophecy Productions)
  • Scar of the Sun - Inertia (May 14, Napalm Records)
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  • Sam Birchall - Cosmos and Disaster (May 14)
  • Kraanerg - Veins Preserved in Coiled Wire (May 14)
  • Wreche - All My Dreams Came True (May 14)
  • Project: Roenwolfe - Edge of Saturn (May 14)
  • Clive Nolan - Song of the Wildlands (May 14, Crime Records / We Låve Rock Music)
  • Matt Berry - The Blue Elephant (May 14, Acid Jazz)
  • Rædsel - Menetekel (May 14, Fluttery Records)
  • Per Wiberg - All is Well in the Land of the Living (May 14, Despotz Records)
  • Psychonaut & Saver - Emerald (May 14, Pelagic Records)
  • Canvas Solaris - Chromosphere (May 14, Tribunal / Divebomb Records)
  • Bernth - Elevation (May 14)
  • Vallendusk - Heralds of Strife (May 14, Northern Silence Productions)
  • Galleons - Galleons (May 14, Famined Records)
  • Zombi - Liquid Crystal (May 14, Relapse Records)
  • SeeYouSpaceCowboy / If I Die First - A Sure Disaster (May 14, Pure Noise Records)
  • Wolverine - A Darkened Sun (Reissue) (May 14, Sensory Records)
  • Panopticon - ...And Again Into the Light (May 15)
  • Joel Kent - Paper Dragon (May 15)
  • Radiant Knife & Woorms - RK/W (May 15, Sludgelord Records)

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