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Guardian Spirits, Magic Bearded Chicken, Liminal Rites & A Murmur!

Releases of the Week 23/2022 with Jack & Owane, The Cortex Shift, Kardashev & Yoo Doo Right
Guardian Spirits, Magic Bearded Chicken, Liminal Rites & A Murmur!

It will never stop! 4 Highlights (2 EPs, 2 albums) and 28 more releases for you to check out this week… Dive in!

Jack & Owane - Guardian Spirits of the Quantum Multiverse EP

10 June, 2022 | self-released

Some sick modern fusion anyone? Norwegian/UK/Swiss superduo Jack Gardiner and Owane team up for a second time after the fireworks of “Shredemption” last year and “Guardian Spirits of the Quantum Multiverse” is just as fun and you can either just take in the vibes and roll with them in the summer sun, or you can marvel at the insane chops, orgasmic jazz harmonies and slick production. Or both. Up to you. As long as you go listen to it. Now. May the “Guardian Spirits of the Quantum Multiverse” protect you! Dario

The Cortex Shift - Magic Bearded Chicken Subverts The System EP

10 June, 2022 | self-released

An EP called “Magic Bearded Chicken Subverts The System”? Count me the hell in! I’ve never heard of The Cortex Shift from Kaurna Land (which is obviously near Adelaide, Australia) before, but this little EP is a relaxed little instrumental fusion/prog affair with very subtle hints of post rock thrown in maybe and a Karnivool-suprise-hommage as the intensity climax right in the middle. Cool stuff! Dario

Kardashev - Liminal Rite

10 June, 2022 | Metal Blade Records

Sometimes it happens that an album out of a specific subgenre that you’re not the biggest fan of usually just sweeps you away on a cosmic journey. Tempe, Arizona based atmospheric blackgazers of Kardashev managed to do just that with their second full length “Liminal Rite”, out now via Metal Blade Records. I first stumbled across their name when they released their last EP “The Baring of Shadows” in 2020, which landed them a deal with the legendary Metal Blade label, and rightfully so. Vast, expansive and dreamy as much as it’s brutal and relentless at times, this is how I imagine gazing into the void feels like. An entire universe of nothingness and futility. But there’s a hint of light and colour beyond the event horizon. Or is there? Dario

Yoo Doo Right - A Murmur, Boundless to the East

10 June, 2022 | Mothland

Coming from Montréal, Canada with their sophomore full-length album are post-rock group Yoo Doo Right. This release became a surprise to me, not only because of the cool fusion of genres and influences expressed, but the fact they’re from my hometown and I have never heard of them. On the subject of influences, you can definitely hear Godspeed You! Black Emperor in there, with sprinkles of Can, Oceansize, and My Bloody Valentine as well. Essentially, their sound plays around with space rock, shoegaze, prog rock, and krautrock, leaving you with a very engaging atmospheric listen. The textures pull you in and the production is organic, so you can feel the band express their soul into the music. Vocalist Justin Cober has a neat approach in delivering his vocals, portraying a kind of new wave feel. It makes me think of 80’s King Crimson and Squid’s album from last year. Interestingly, the vocals are only present on the opening and closing tracks, so it’s a mostly-instrumental experience. Overall, really consistent and such a great journey from start to finish! Colin

More releases for 10 June, 2022

  • Teravolt - Waking Up (June 06)
  • Vril - Nephilim (June 06)
  • Seventh Wonder - The Testament (Frontiers Music)
  • Juan Garces - Personal Warfare
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  • Inanimate Existence - The Masquerade (The Artisan Era)
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  • The Tangent - Songs From the Hard Shoulder (Inside Out Music)
  • Soreption - Jord (Unique Leader Records)
  • Ianai - Sunir (Svart Records)
  • Datadyr - Woolgatherer (Is It Jazz? Records)
  • Magna Carta Cartel - The Dying Option (Vernal Vow Records)
  • Majesty of Revival - Pinnacle
  • Dol Theeta - Monad
  • Jørgen Dretvik - Psykomagi (Apollon Records)
  • Black Therapy - Onward (Black Lion Records)
  • Leviathan Project - The Final War
  • Omnia Moritur - Ex Inferis (Crime Records)
  • Deathwhite - Grey Everlasting (Season of Mist)
  • The Eating Cave - Ingurgitate
  • Wind Rose - Warfront (Napalm Records)
  • Museum of Light - Horizon (Spartan Records)
  • Fredrik Saroea - Rona Diaries (YAP / Apollon Records)
  • Stellar Death - Sentient (Chapter 1) EP
  • Svart Crown - Les terres brulees EP (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions)
  • Szabotage - Six-Pack EP
  • A Concrete Future - Remnants of Times to Come EP
  • Vulnificus - Invocation EP (New Standard Elite)
  • InRetrospect - Current State EP
  • Deadguy - Buyer’s Remorse (Decibel Records)

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