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Unprocessed Moon Letters in a Rift: 3 releases to cool you down!

Releases of the Week 32/2022 with Moon Letters, Mitch Michelle & Unprocessed
Unprocessed Moon Letters in a Rift: 3 releases to cool you down!

We’re back up to 32 brand new releases this week, and again we picked 3 diverse highlights for you ranging from classic retro prog sounds, instrumental prog metal with ambient passages all the way to some modern guitar wizard pop! Moon Letters, Mitch Michelle, Unprocessed and all the other artists will make for a varied listen, so dive into our Spotify playlist or check out the Bandcamp links in the list below.

Moon Letters - Thank You From the Future

08 August, 2022 | self-released

Usually, this kind of retro prog is the specialty of the Swedes or Norwegians (Magic Pie, Fatal Fusion), but Seattle’s Moon Letters are playing with conviction, class and a sense for for the slightly adventurous, that it’s really hard not to love their second album, “Thank You From The Future”. Hints of Verbal Delirium (‘Child of Tomorrow’) in the more melancholic passages take turn with more fun, upbeat parts hitting just about the right balance. Where Fatal Fusion and Verbal Delirium tend to bask in melancholia and Magic Pie is pure fun, Moon Letters do both. And that’s very cool.  Dario

Mitch Michelle - Rift

10 August, 2022 | self-released

Staying in the US, we have the album “Rift” from solo artist Mitch Michelle. On it, there’s a lot to discover from full on prog metal instrumentals to calmer ambient tracks. Some of the stellar melodic content gives me a certain Jim Matheos/Fates Warning vibe, but Mitch can get a bit more technical than tone master Matheos. The acoustic leads in ‘Shadow of a Tower’ remind me of the Psychotic Waltz deep cut “Dark Millenium” (which is sadly not on Spotify), and while some of the strictly ambient parts fail to really grasp me, there’s still more than enough exciting content on “Rift” that I can recommend it full-heartedly to all instrumental prog metal connoisseurs. Dario

Unprocessed - Gold

12 August, 2022 | Airforce1 Records/Universal Music

Prog innovation? From Germany? Well yes! Apart from Hannoveran trio The Hirsch Effekt pushing the boundaries of Artcore (brand new EP coming on Aug. 26), there’s also Unprocessed with a new album, who have developed their sound further and further apart from their very djenty beginnings towards something altogether more electronic and catchy, while still retaining the most ridiculous guitar acrobatics and crazy licks. Opening track and hit single ‘Rain’ might make you think they have ditched the heaviness altogether, only to subvert expectations again with the following ‘Redwine’ and ‘The Longing’. “Gold” is the fourth studio album and it features 16 hit singles oscillating between pop, djent, rock and can be guitar heavy at times, completely electronic at others. Forward thinking with no musical boundaries to their imagination, Unprocessed are truly at the forefront of the modern prog movement combining artistic invention with accessible melodies, appealing to a wide and diverse audience. The huge North American tour they are currently playing supporting the masters of Polyphia is testament to that. Pure gold! Dario

More releases for 12 August, 2022

  • We Shouldn’t Believe in the Sun - How Shall We Comfort Ourselves, the Murderers of All Murderers (Aug. 08)
  • Zoungla - Source (Aug. 09)
  • Physical Plant - Hot Future (Aug. 09)
  • Cosmic Hearse - Exalted Terror EP (Aug. 09)
  • Kraanerg - Of Matter (Aug. 11, Total Dissonance Worship)
  • Aronius - Irkalla (The Artisan Era)
     Bandcamp  Read Our Review
  • Arch Enemy - Deceivers
    Read Our Review
  • A-Z - A-Z (Metal Blade Records)
  • Seyr - Flux
  • Entheogen - Transmogrify
  • Carrion Vael - Abhorrent Obsessions (Unique Leader Records)
  • Sarattma - Escape Velocity (Nefarious Industries)
  • MOTHS - Space Force
  • Building Upon The Revelation - The Pathways of Discipline
  • Royal Coda - To Only a Few at First (Blue Swan Records)
  • Are We Alive - Lost in Time
  • Jeff Cotton - The Fantasy of Reality (MadfishMusic)
  • Norma Jean - Deathrattle Sing For Me (Solid State Records)
  • Osees - A Foul Form
  • Twiddle - Every Last Leaf
  • Ascent of Autumn - Awakened
  • Locrian - New Catastrophism (Profound Lore Records)
  • Derick Penrod - A Lead Adrift
  • The Halo Effect - Days of the Lost (Nuclear Blast)
  • Boris - Heavy Rocks (Relapse Records)
  • Leviathan - Mischief of Malcontent
  • Of Virtue - Sinner EP (Arising Empire)
  • Danny Elfman - Bigger. Messier.
  • Vanden Plas - Live & Immortal (Frontiers Music)

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