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4 eclectic and diverse albums for your weekend

Releases of the Week 34/2021 with Ouzo Bazooka, Walking Over Jupiter, White Stones & TesseracT
4 eclectic and diverse albums for your weekend

This is probably our most eclectic highlights selection to date: middle-eastern psychedelia from Ouzo Bazooka, instrumental atmo djent from Walking Across Jupiter, oldschool prog death with Opeth-lowstringer Martin Mendez and his White Stones, and finally TesseracT’s long awaited re-opening of their huge “P O R T A L S”. 32 more releases from all corners of the Prog Universe to be discovered though in our Spotify playlist, so don’t miss out and subscribe now!

Ouzo Bazooka - Dalya

27 August, 2021 | Stolen Body Records

Why not start off our Highlights of this week with something completely different? “Dalya” is the fifth album by Israeli psychedelic indie rockers of Ouzo Bazooka and it contains six around six minute long hallucination-inducing dance hits that are poised to rule the campgrounds of any new Burg Herzberg or Woodstock festival in the future. Middle eastern psychedelia, so trippy that you’re not sure if you’ve taken your pills yet or if it’s the music working its way into your body. Definitely nothing for djent purists or strict old school prog metal fans, but a fun journey for everyone else with an open mind. Dario

Walking Across Jupiter - Talk

27 August, 2021 | self-released

Now this is something for djent fans though: an atmospheric, instrumental “Talk” from St. Petersburg, Russia based project Walking Across Jupiter. The russian spoken word bits might seem a bit distracting at first, as I’d really love to know what this “Talk” is all about, but in the end the music does the talking and it does it quite well. Nice clean production, good balance between atmosphere and heaviness, and some good old anthemic, catchy hooklines that prove there can be memorable instrumental music without being too flashy. Looking at their Bandcamp page, they’ve been quite active and prolific since almost 10 years, so it’s high time they’d come a bit more into the spotlight. Dario

White Stones - Dancing Into Oblivion

27 August, 2021 | Nuclear Blast

Oh, what do we have here? It is the second album from Barcelona based death metal band White Stones led by bassist Martin Mendez, best known for his work with Opeth. While their debut “Kuarahy” last year was altogether quite raw and a bit half-baked, “Dancing Into Oblivion” is a completely different affair. That was already apparent in the first two singles, with blistering guitar solos and haunting atmospheres. But they do manage to uphold that quality over the complete 35 minutes runtime of the album. The 3 minute bass-led intro to ‘Iron Titan’, the spiralling schizophrenia of ‘To Lie Or To Die’ or the beauty of ‘Freedom In Captivity’: this album keeps surprising the attentive listener. A huge step up from their debut! Now I’m really looking forward to hearing more from them! Dario

TesseracT - P O R T A L S

27 August, 2021 | Kscope

Last December, UK modern prog metal superstars of TesseracT took to the stage for an exclusive streaming event called “P O R T A L S”. They won the category of “Best Live Stream Event” in our first The Progspace Awards and ever since the initial streaming on Dec. 12 of 2020, the fans never ceased to call for a multi-format release of this huge career-spanning production. Band and label heeded the calls and finally, you can own 1 hour and 45 minutes of finger-licking TesseracT deliciousness on Bluray, CD or Vinyl. A must have for fans, either to re-watch or to dive in for the first time. The Portal has re-opened – all you need to do is step through it and immerse yourself in the aural & visual wonders that lay beyond. Dario

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  • Headshrinker - Callous Indifference
  • Nahtram - Forest of Eternal Dawn
  • Sculptured - The Liminal Phase (BMG)
  • Devoid of Thought - Outer World Graves (Everlasting Spew Records)
  • Kilpréz - Patron Saint of Lost Causes
  • Utopia - Stalker (APF Records)
  • Tiny Tree - XI (Onama Media Group)
  • Karellen - Mersum (Trepanation Recordings)
  • Straytones - Magic Green River Swimmin' & Stunning Tarzanka Experience (Robustfellow)
  • Hooded Menace - The Tritonus Bell (Season of Mist)
  • Brainsqueezed - I Am Not a Robot
  • Windfærer - Breaths of Elder Dawns (Avantgarde Music)
  • Sons of Alpha Centauri - Push
  • Toxic Ruin - Nightmare Eclipse (M-Theory Audio)
  • Goat - Headsoup (Rocket Recordings)
  • Horte - Maa antaa yön vaientaa (Pelagic Records)
  • The Slow Death - Siege (Transcending Obscurity)
  • Low Flying Hawks - FUYU (Magnetic Eye Records)
  • Veil of Conspiracy - Echoes of Winter (Solitude Productions)
  • Enemy Inside - Seven (ROAR! Rock of Angels Records)
  • Sugar Horse - The Live Long After (Small Pond)
  • Comet Control - Inside the Sun (Tee Pee Records)
  • Venues - Solace (Arising Empire)
  • Spirit Adrift - Forge Your Future EP (Century Media Records)
  • Nightmarer - Monolith of Corrosion EP (Total Dissonance Worship)
  • Den Osynliga Manteln - Insektsfolk EP (Castles in Space)
  • David Borden - Cayuga Night Music [Re-issue] (Cuneiform Records)
  • Serpent Column - Katartisis (August 28, Dissociative Visions)

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