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3 melodic and moody metal releases for the dark proggers!

Releases of the Week 37/2021 with A Dying Planet, Insomnium & Druma
3 melodic and moody metal releases for the dark proggers!

Another massive release week: over 30 albums and EP’s are waiting to be discovered and devoured! Our highlights this week: A Dying Planet‘s sophomore effort “When the Skies Are Grey”, “Argent Moon”, the new EP by Finnish melodic death masters of Insomnium and some German post metal with Druma‘s “Dawning”. Enjoy!

A Dying Planet - When the Skies Are Grey

17 September, 2021 | Lifeforce Records

Three years after their surprise debut “Facing the Incurable”, A Dying Planet are back with their sophomore effort, the equally bleakly titled “Where the Skies Are Grey”. Led by Zero Hour shred-veteran Jasun Tipton, the project is now a full fleshed band with Paul Adrian Villareal (Sun Caged) handling all the lead vocals. Decidedly less shreddy than much of Jasun’s earlier output, A Dying Planet are all about melody and atmosphere while still packing a heavy punch. There’s a rawness to the production that might irk some sterile modern prog metal sound fetishists, but the warmth and emotions the band is carrying despite very dark and very real subjects Paul is singing about is a real beauty to behold. Don’t sleep on this one while waiting for the new Zero Hour stuff, immerse yourself in Paul’s impeccable voice and don’t forget to check out Uncle Prog’s interview with Jasun for the Progtalks! Dario

Insomnium - Argent Moon EP

17 September, 2021 | Century Media Records

Finnish melodic death metal veterans of Insomnium are at it again: after 8 full length albums and 2 EPs, they are back with another short release that goes by the title “Argent Moon”. Divided into four chapters named after what I surmise might be archetypes, it might not hold anything new or groundbreaking, but all four songs are prime examples of the highest quality in that particular style. Melancholic and melodic, but with enough punch to turn a sorrowful affair into something decidedly metal. The orchestral and progressive flourishes are added masterfully to round out an excellent EP that leaves you craving for more of that unique atmospheric northern melancholia. Dario

Druma - Dawning

17 September, 2021 | Moment of Collapse Records

German blackened atmospheric sludge/post-metal act Druma launched their debut album on Moment of Collapse Records today titled “Dawning”. Loads of atmosphere and heaviness that’s guaranteed to hook you into an ecstatic state. Production is top notch as well, with tight performances that have plenty of feel. For a 35-minute album, it goes by as fast as if it were an EP, but that only shows how strong the quality of this record is, and every track has something to offer. Once it’s over, you’ll be begging for more. Fans of The Ocean, Cult of Luna, and Gaerea will find plenty to admire here! Colin

More releases for 17 September, 2021

  • Bruno Karnel - Las Illusiones (Sept. 16)
  • Eidola - The Architect (Rise Records)
  • Spiritbox - Eternal Blue (Rise Records)
  • Mono - Pilgrimage of the Soul (Pelagic Records)
  • Thrice - Horizons / East (Epitaph Records)
  • The Sun or the Moon - Cosmic (Tonzonen Records)
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  • Apostolica - Haeretica Ecclesia (Scarlet Records)
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  • The Blue Prison - The Blue Prison (Metal Assault Records)
  • Tales of the Old - The Book of Chaos (Pride & Joy Music)
  • Exxperior - Escalating Conflicts
  • Ghostheart Nebula - Ascension (Black Lion Records)
  • Electrond - In a Socially Less Distanced Future
  • Monstereo - In the Hollow of a Wave (Karisma & Dark Essence Records)
  • Graceful - Demiurgia
  • Alien Weaponry - Tangaroa (Napalm Records)
  • Anomaly - Planet Storm
  • Lehnen - Negative Space (Noise Appeal/Young Epoch PR)
  • Infiltrated Mankind - Inside the Apelike (Ungodly Ruins Productions)
  • Occulsed - Crepitation of Phlegethon (Everlasting Spew Records)
  • Plum Green - Somnambulistic (Nefarious Industries)
  • Shadecrown - Solitarian (Inverse Records)
  • Glasgow Coma Scale - Sirens (Tonzonen Records)
  • The Plot in You - Swan Song (Fearless/Spinefarm Records)
  • Employed to Serve - Conquering (Spinefarm Records)
  • Oversense - Egomania
  • Edge of Paradise - The Unknown (Frontiers Music)
  • Brainstorm - Wall of Skulls (AFM Records)
  • Whyzdom - Of Wonders and War
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  • Willzyx - i don't feel anything EP (Dark Trail Records)
  • I Built The Sky & Jake Howsam Lowe - Coalesce EP

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