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Quiet – …and so it was

Quiet is a new band waiting in the wings, bucking the trend in their local music scene. Hopefully in the not-too distant future, they will be able to say…”and so it was”.

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Sinoptik – The Calling

Sinoptik admit they are not trying to re-invent the wheel, just produce a great sounding and technically sophisticated album. In that, I believe they have succeeded.

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Sylvan – One to Zero

Besides some critical notes on the lack of aggression on the album, I am very pleased with the overall performance of Sylvan this time around. In detail, there is a lot to discover again and the returning of the vocal styles from the earlier days makes me fall back in love with Marco Glühmann. For the real Sylvan fan, this is a riskless purchase!

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VOLA – Witness

VOLA has produced a style transcending album that is catchy, well produced, heavier than their previous productions, but still one of those albums that in a few years’ time you’ll still put on because it never gets tiring.

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Caligonaut – Magnified as Giants

This album, whilst complex in its segments remains overall accessible to the listener as it weaves between classic prog, whilst maintaining a modern feel which together never ages or dates this release. It’s much like meeting a long-lost friend you haven’t seen for years, but they have come of age in the intervening years and are all the better for it.

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Michael Whalen – Future Shock

To sum everything up, the album is fantastic, you have to get a taste of that “Future Shock” yourself to truly see the picture I’m trying to paint in this short review!

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