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The Progspace Awards 2020

Category: Albums

Molybaron – The Mutiny

Without a doubt, “The Mutiny” is a masterpiece of modern progressive metal with killer grooves, killer songs and a killer sound. Album of the year! 9/10

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Seims – Four

If you’re interested in music that merges different and multiple genres, as well as albums that have a lot to offer this one is certainly for you.

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Drifting Sun – Forsaken Innocence

If you’re looking for good, solid neo-progressive rock, with great melodies, talented performances and good craftsmanship, then “Forsaken Innocence” is the album to check out.

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ENDVS – Cessation

These ten tracks will take up a well spent hour (almost). You may well find yourself reaching for the play button again as the last notes fade away.

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Green Lung – Black Harvest

I can ramble all day long about Green Lung and every little detail I spotted in their outstanding and fresh music, but I like to keep my reviews as short and sweet as possible. You have to check them out yourself. Do it. Join the cult. Join us. 

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PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) – I Dreamed Of Electric Sheep

What PFM have created here, and it is very much intentional, is akin to a movie soundtrack, it has all the feel and sounds that lend itself to the big screen experience, like being at the movies without the pictures, but allowing you, the listener, to have the images created in their own head.

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Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

This album maintains many of the elements that Spiritbox have displayed on previous releases, but also brings a lot of fresh new ideas and creativity to the table.

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The Omnific – Escapades

I’m sure these eleven “Escapades” will further expand their fanbase while also cementing their importance in the brimming worldwide instrumental prog scene.

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Yes – The Quest

So, after a decade is “The Quest” a great album? I would say no, good but not great, it’s interesting and enjoyable in parts, bland in others.

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6:33 – Feary Tales For Strange Lullabies – The Dome

“Feary Tales For Strange Lullabies – The Dome”, 6:33 marks a step higher in musicianship, composition and craziness, as well as opening a new path in this chaotic world the band created. They streamlined the story making it easier to grasp (if that is possible?) as a concept album – though certainly, it is closer to a wild modern urban rock opera than a traditional concept album. I think the only thing that is a constant about this band: they don’t hold their horses in any aspect, unashamedly free of tags or musical boundaries.

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TRNA – Istok

All things considered, “Istok” is an album that gives me mixed feelings. There are some great moments here and Trna’s musical talent is obvious, but it’s just not compelling enough to make a difference.

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Aeon Zen – Transversal

I’m sure this isn’t the end of Rich Gray and the guys. Whatever project(s) they move onto next, are bound to be worth checking out.

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