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TRNA – Istok

All things considered, “Istok” is an album that gives me mixed feelings. There are some great moments here and Trna’s musical talent is obvious, but it’s just not compelling enough to make a difference.

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Aeon Zen – Transversal

I’m sure this isn’t the end of Rich Gray and the guys. Whatever project(s) they move onto next, are bound to be worth checking out.

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Rivers of Nihil – The Work

One thing is for sure, Rivers of Nihil are carving out their own musical journey. They will strive to bring us new things and there’s no going back now. I’m already hungry for more.

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The Sun or the Moon – Cosmic

“Cosmic” is the album I can envision that one pretentious but chill local ex-hippie artist playing on the premiere of their newest surrealist exhibition. If you don’t understand what I mean, you will surely get it after checking it out.

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Smalltape – The Hungry Heart

The question is then, what does “The Hungry Heart” not have? That’s simple, it does not have a weak moment, no point where my focus is not on the music. It grabs you from the first notes and does not release you till the last sounds drift away. The diversity on display is keeping your attention fully on the music.

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A kew’s tag – Hephioz

You can’t picture how a progressive metal album with acoustic guitar would sound? Well, go get the gorgeous vinyl and listen for yourself!

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NMB – Innocence & Danger

I could wax lyrical all day about “Innocence & Danger”, but do you know what, go get a copy and indulge yourself, I guarantee, you will not regret it.

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Arcane Existence – Colossus

The use of the harp along with the keyboards gives the whole thing a boost, making it more sophisticated. Because of this Arcane Existence stand out from the crowd.

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Leprous – Aphelion

With “Pitfalls”, Leprous had set the bar in vertigo-inducing heights already. With “Aphelion”, they have now made the perfect jump for gold!

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Sun of the Suns – TIIT

If you find your usual listening a little lacking in the heavy department, give this a go. It might just sate your appetite but remember, resistance is futile.

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Burial in the Sky – The Consumed Self

The album has to be listened to in its entirety in order to appreciate it fully. It could well end up being their seminal album, their equivalent of Where Owls Know My Name, so to speak.

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Ellimist – S/T

If you have a broad taste in music, you will enjoy all this album. If you don’t then try to acquire one so that you can enjoy this.

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