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2022 is starting with a bang and a whole host of awesome new releases!

Releases of the Week 02/2022 with Syncatto, Thomas Giles, BIID, Chaosbay & Anna von Hausswolff
2022 is starting with a bang and a whole host of awesome new releases!

Catching up with a few releases that we missed over the holidays, but also featuring the hottest new releases from the prog world, fresh from the release press. In this first 2022 edition of our Releases of the Week, we have a little closer look at EP Highlights from Syncatto, Thomas Giles and Chaosbay, the debut album from BIID and finally an absolutely mesmerizing live recording from swedish luminary Anna von Hausswolff. Are you ready for another year filled with amazing releases?

Syncatto - Lost Inside EP

31 December, 2021 | Self-released

As if releasing the debut full length album of his solo project Syncatto in 2021 wouldn’t be enough for one year (the stellar “A Place to Breathe” back in June), Artificial Language guitarist Charlie Robbins is back already with a sweet little EP called “Lost Inside”, self-released on Dec. 31. It’s full of light-hearted, uplifting music despite it’s technicality and a mandatory listen for all fans of Polyphia, Animals As Leaders, Unprocessed, The Omnific and – Friday Night in San Francisco! Dario

Thomas Giles - Feel Nothing EP (Dec. 31, 2021, Wise and Silent)

31 December, 2021 | Wise and Silent

The same goes for Between the Buried and Me frontman Tommy Rogers, who is following the massive BTBAM sequel “Colors II” with the sequel of his own solo EP “Feel Better” from 2020. The bleakly titled “Feel Nothing” was released on Dec. 31 as well, and is starting out just as “Feel Better” left us (and with experimental electronic sounds that we’ve come to expect from his solo output under the Thomas Giles moniker), but it’s getting gradually darker (and heavier) with the second song ‘Give Up’ before the closing ‘Echo Chamber’ is blasting its way through well-known BTBAM territory with guest performances of Alex Rüdinger on drums and a blistering guitar solo by Jake Howsam-Lowe. A surprising, but welcome addition to the solo output of this exceptional artist. Dario

BIID - Medium

10 January, 2022 | Self-released

Completely unexpected (at least for me), Leipzig based german modern proggers of BIID dropped their debut album “Medium” on Jan. 10, some 4 years after their first EP “Home”. In the meantime, they have refined their melodic songwriting tailored around frontman Matthias Prokop’s beautiful voice. Their style is not in-your-face heavy and the melodies and arrangements are more of a delicate nature more often than immediate earwormy hooks. That makes for an intriguing listening with repeated spins and I’m sure it will keep growing the more time I spend with it. A very welcome surprise indeed at the start of what looks like it’s going to be another year full of amazing releases. Dario

Chaosbay - Boxes EP

13 January, 2022 | Self-released

The Progspace Online Festival alumni Chaosbay from Berlin just dropped their very first EP with “Boxes” yesterday. And after two expansive concept albums, it’s as if they have condensed all their songwriting prowess and strengths into these five songs. The breakdowns and riffs seem even heavier than before and the hooklines, well the hooklines are even more catchy than before, and unapologetically so. Main man Jan Listing and his buddies went all in with “Boxes” – and produced their most accessible yet heaviest material as of yet. Crystal clear production and enough oomph to destroy an entire Amazon warehouse worth of boxes, Chaosbay are undoubtedly unlocking the next level in their career with this tasty new release. Dario

Anna von Hausswolff - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival

14 January, 2022 | Southern Lord Recordings

My first encounter with multi-talented swedish artist Anna von Hauswolff was a couple of years ago when I stumbled across the disturbing video of her ‘breakthrough hit of sorts ‘The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra’ and even though I was thoroughly enthralled by the otherworldly vibes, I didn’t investigate further. I’m starting to think that was a huge mistake. Dipping my toes into (or rather: being swallowed whole by) her more experimental leanings with her organ album “All Thoughts Fly” in 2020, and being able to witness it live in a church last November, convinced me of her exceptional talent though and, as if the gods of music heard my calling, a few days later the first single from “Live at Montreux Jazz Festival” dropped. Now, having experienced a promotional download of the entire album a couple of times in the last few days, I am still in shock about the utter brilliance and sheer perfection of this live recording. I’ve got no chance but to keep listening while I try to recover from it. Absolutely jaw-dropping, mind-boggling, transcending space and time. What a gigantic accomplishment. I am in awe. Dario

More releases for 14 January, 2022

  • Age of Athena - Gate to Oblivion (Dec. 17, 2021)
  • Mire - A New Found Rain (Dec. 17, 2021)
  • Dara Project - Si Glia Lua Nume (Dec. 24, 2021)
  • Evadne - The Pale Light of Fireflies (Dec. 24, 2021, Solitude Productions)
  • Machines Dream - Earth EP (Dec. 25, Progressive Gears Records)
  • Dust Prophet - Hourglass (Dec. 31, 2021)
  • Hadal Maw - Oblique Order (Dec. 31, 2021)
  • Barus - Fanges EP (Dec. 31, 2021)
  • Trenches - Reckoner (Jan. 01)
  • Nimrod - As Above So Below (Jan. 03)
  • Alberto Rigoni - Songs for Souls (Jan. 06)
  • Lasiodora - Molt (Jan. 06)
  • VoidCeremony - At the Periphery of Human Realms EP (Jan. 06, 20 Buck Spin)
  • UIV - Frigus EP (Jan. 06)
  • Wilderun - Epigone (Jan. 07, Century Media Records)
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  • Seven Nines and Tens - Over Opiated in a Forest of Whispering Speakers (Jan. 07, Willowtip Records)
  • Dark Millennium - Acid River (Jan. 07, Massacre Records)
  • Karfagen - Land of Green and Gold (Jan. 07)
  • Oar - The Blood You Crave (Jan. 07, Blighttown Records/Hammer of Exile)
  • Orsak:Oslo - Skimmer/Vemod (Jan. 07, Kapitän Platte)
  • Riverwood - Shadows and Flames (Jan. 07)
  • Infected Rain - Ecdysis (Jan. 07, Napalm Records)
  • FS3 - Cats 'n' Strats (Jan. 07)
  • Needless - The Cosmic Cauldron (Jan. 07, Target Group)
  • Matthew Dakoutros/Iakovos Dakoutros - L'onda de la Memoria (Jan. 07)
  • The Grasshopper Lies Heavy/Woorms - Various Plants and Animals Under Domestication (Jan. 07)
  • Laden - The Visitation (Jan. 07)
  • Zebulon Kosted - Death Dreams In Cryostasis (Jan. 07)
  • V/Haze Miasma - Nebula EP (Jan. 07)
  • Aethereus - Leiden (The Artisan Era)
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  • Magnum - The Monster Roars (Steamhammer/SPV)
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  • Toundra - Hex (Inside Out Music)
  • Shadow of Intent - Elegy
  • Fit For an Autopsy - Oh What the Future Holds (Nuclear Blast)
  • Pyramid - Validity
  • Nick Haas - Variants
  • Lee McKinney - In The Light of Knowledge (Sumerian Records)
  • Strange Dream - Manifest Content
  • Mizmor - Wit’s End (Gilead Media)
  • Ecryptus - Kyr'am Beskar (SBDC Records)
  • Worm Shepherd - Ritual Hymns (Unique Leader Records)
  • Eradication of the Unworthy Infants - Change is Good (Wormholedeath Records)
  • King Bastard - It Came From The Void
  • Underoath - Voyeurist (Fearless Records)
  • Deinos - Deinos EP
  • Pirate - Left of Mind (Re-issue) (Bird's Robe Collective)

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