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Jinjer – Wallflowers

Jinjer – Wallflowers

Jinjer - Wallflowers

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Release Date: 27 August, 2021
  • Label: Napalm Records
  • Musicians:
    Tatiana Shmailyuk - Vocals
    Roman Ibramkhalilov - Guitars
    Eugene Abdukhanov - Bass
    Vladislav Ulasevich – Drums
  • Favorite songs:
    Vortex, Pearls and Swine, Wallflower, Mediator
  • For Fans of:
    The Agonist, Spiritbox, Mask of Judas

Love them or hate them, the meteoric rise to fame for Jinjer cannot be denied. Having achieved over 250 million cross-platform streams/views, they are now one of modern metal’s hottest and most exciting bands active today. Here they are now with their fourth studio album, still doing things their own way, but still sounding fresh. “Wallflowers” picks up where its predecessor “Macro” left off. The progressive groove metal sound that their fans crave remains, along with a sonic pressure cooker of technical musicianship. There is also the emotional fury they feel regarding the current state of the world. The latter is something I’m sure many of you also feel.

The band are one of several who hailed from the Ukrainian region of Donetsk, but now call Kiev their home. I first came across Jinjer in 2018 when they were announced for UK Tech-Fest. Unfortunately, they had to cancel their appearance, which was a huge disappointment. Fortunately, I did get to see them in Birmingham the following year. Yep, saw them, got the t-shirt, so that was another one off the bucket list. I remember remarking to someone that I was keen to catch them before they got too big. It would appear now that it was a wise decision.

Photo Credit – Alina Chernohor

There are 11 new tracks, all distinctively Jinjer in style, but perhaps with a few surprises. One track that stands out for me is ‘Vortex’. You can’t help but love those rolling bass lines, intricate guitar runs, and complex drum patterns. Then of course, there’s the amazing vocal range of Tatiana Shmayluk. The charismatic front woman switches from cleans to gutturals and everything between, seemingly effortlessly. The video made for this song is also brilliant and very inventive, making it a real joy to watch.

Jinjer – Vortex (click here if the video does not play)

In ‘Pearls and Swine’ Tatiana uses every vocal style at her disposal, as the song ebbs and flows from one mood to another. A delicious fretless bass intro explodes into heavy and intricate riffing. Later there are dreamy softer passages that remind me of another favourite Jinjer track of mine, ‘I Speak Astronomy’.

As fans of the band will know, there aren’t many of their tracks that have mostly clean singing. There is just one on this album that falls into that category. For the first minute and a half of ‘Wallflower’ everything’s mellow and laid back, then gradually it starts getting heavier. A minute later it’s reached the point of full-blown screams and growls. Behind this the guys are laying down some suitably meaty riffs.

Jinjer – Wallflower (click here if the video does not play)

Although you won’t find any lead breaks in their songs, there is always plenty going on in the guitar and bass department. ‘Dead Hands Feel no Pain’ is no exception, with Roman Ibramkhalilov on guitar and Eugene Abdukhanov on bass weaving complex patterns. Holding the whole thing together and setting the variable pace is drummer Vladislav Ulasevich.

For avid followers of the band, the words “Stop – Go – Go On” will be familiar. If they’re not, listen carefully at the start of the last track ‘Mediator’. After the “go” it sets off like a turbo charged juggernaut. When they take the foot off the pedal, complexity takes over.

Jinjer – Mediator (click here if the video does not play)

The mark of a great album is when it gets better every time you listen to it. That certainly happened with Wallflowers after just a few plays and continues to do so. In Jinjer’s quest for ever growing success they are leaving some fantastic songs and albums in their wake.


Track List:

  1. Call Me A Symbol
  2. Colossus
  3. Vortex
  4. Disclosure!
  5. Copycat
  6. Pearls And Swine
  7. Sleep Of The Righteous
  8. Wallflower
  9. Dead Hands Feel No Pain
  10. As I Boil Ice
  11. Mediator

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