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Matterhorn – Aura Noir (Exclusive Single Release!)

Matterhorn – Aura Noir (Exclusive Single Release!)

The Progspace proudly presents ‘Aura Noir’ the new single by Norwegian Avant-Garde progressive act Matterhorn. The song revolves around a dark aura (reflecting its title) and develops an interesting mix of raw instruments and electronic soundscapes with soft melodic vocals. Tommy S. Halseth‘s comments: “This is a very personal song for me. It was written in memory of  my father-in-law who lost the fight against cancer“.  About the mixing he mentions “I am very happy with the result of Aura Noir, Tor-Helge Skei (Manes) did a ​​perfect job with the mix.

Without much further ado, watch and listen the Aura Noir here:

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Matterhorn – Aura Noir (click here if video doesn’t load)


Matterhorn was initially formed by Tommy Sebastian Halseth in 2015, but fully emerged as a band in 2018. Matterhorn have slowly made a name on the interesting and varied music scene in Trondheim and Norway with bands such as Atrox, Godsend, Griffin, Manes, Wattamezz and In The Woods. 

Matterhorn are:

  • Tommy Sebastian Halseth: Voice
  • Solveig Meland: Voice
  • Edvin Matthieson: Bass
  • Andreas Stunes: Drums/Percussion
  • Rune Eriksen: Guitar
  • Rhys Marsh: Acoustic Guitar, Hammond Organ, Pedal Steel Guitar, Mellotron
  • Øyvind Smidt: Violin


  • Artwork: Rune Folgerø
  • Directed by William Hut
  • Stare into the abyss remix by black blood

    Released through Apollon Records.

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