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Author: Dario

ProgPower Europe 2017

Once again, a small portion of Europe’s prog family (and a tiny part of the global one) gathered in the little Dutch town of Baarlo at the beginning of October to celebrate the annual ProgPower Europe (PPE) festival – this year it lasted from October 6th to 8th. You can read more about the festival’s back story in Dario’s review of last year’s edition, so we will dive right into the action here. Actually, we will go back one night: As tradition has it, the night before PPE most of the attendees are gathering in the chapel of Kasteel...

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Organized Chaos – Divulgence

“Organized Chaos’ “Divulgence” is a challenging and daring effort by a true artist in every sense who assembled a bunch of equally talented musicians around him to stir up the prog metal end of year lists for 2017.” 4,5/5★

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Loch Vostok – Strife

“Loch Vostok’s “Strife” is an absolute must hear for every lover of extreme progressive metal and rivals with the best releases of that particular prog branch in 2017. It provides a helluva lot food for thought, both musically and lyrically for the attentive listener.” 4,5/5★

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ico-2 We’re a group of Prog-lovers who started a journey to share with you our thoughts about albums, concerts, tours and festivals, the photo galleries of the Prog concerts we visit, as well interviews with upcoming or established musicians or prog-related people. Follow our Facebook page for frequent updates and news around the Progniverse.

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