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ProgPower Europe interviews: Chaosbay

ProgPower Europe interviews: Chaosbay

This is a series of short interviews ProgPower Europe did with some of the bands billed for the 2023 edition of the festival, to happen between 6 and 8 of October 2023, in Baarlo, The Netherlands.

Chaosbay is one of the most interesting german progressive metalcore bands to hit the scene on the latest years. They will be performing at ProgPower Europe 2023! Don’t miss out and get your tickets now!

This is your first performance at ProgPower, how did you get to know the festival?

We have known the festival for quite a long time now (8-9 years), just by being (or trying to be) a part of the European prog community, being active in Facebook groups, following great bands and hearing about it through some of our fans who a regular visitors of the festival and really recommended it to us a lot of times.

What are your expectations of this year’s ProgPower?

We expect to meet a lot of prog, rock and metal fans, who enjoy listening to prog music and experiencing high quality music in general. We are looking forward to playing to people who are fans of concept albums, big compositions, virtuoso instrumental parts (that are normally not “festival” material). So are excited to play some of our proggier material to people to really care about it. Also we are excited to see other great international bands and experience the whole festival als visitors too.

Being able to meet the members of a band that is playing is one of the things people appreciate at ProgPower Europe. What would you say to visitors that would like to meet up after the show?

Of course we can meet up after the show. And since we are staying the night, everyone is welcome to talk to us all day. I think we are going to be at the Merch stand right after the show and answer every question and talk about everything. As I said in question two, we are pretty excited to meet a more prog-oriented audience, since there are normally only a “few” of them in other metal festivals, so this could be very special.

What other bands in the ProgPower Europe 2023 line-up are you looking forward to?

Although I am not sure if we get to see every band depending on our own touring schedule, there are some bands we would love to see: Of course we love WHEEL, what a great group. We are also friends with OBSIDIAN TIDE from Israel, who we have never met personally. And of course we are looking forward to WILDERUN, who are pretty different from our style, which makes it even more cool to share the stage with them and listen to their unique music!! But all the other bands sound super great and we cannot wait to discover all of them!

Anything you really would like to share with our audience?

Guys, we are extremely honored to be booked at this legendary international festival and cannot wait to play for you. Let’s have a great time there. In general: Always be kind to each other, support your local music scene and let’s celebrate music and all its genres with positive energy. See you soon!

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