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The Freqs Progcast, presented by The Progspace. Episode 030

Brand new interview content in Episode 030 of the FREQS Progcast presented by the Progspace today: Eugene from Jinjer and Mikko from Khroma had a chat with Dario when their tour trek stopped in Munich earlier this week. In our Walkmans today: Blotted Science and Umpfel. New videos from Maraton, Apocalyptica, Novena, Billy Talent and more to discuss. And a happy holiday from your hosts, Randy M. Salo & Dario Albrecht.

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Dont’t forget to check out the accompanying Spotify playlist as well. Below, I attached the videos of the songs that are not (yet) on Spotify.

Listen to the episode on Spotify here!

Listen to the accompanying playlist on Spotify here!

04:25 What’s in your Walkman?

09:39 What’s Hot?!

36:51 Khroma

45:12 Jinjer

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Oceanica – Howls (click here if the video doesn’t play)

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Andy Ryan – Paradise?.. What Paradise?! (click here if the link doesn’t work)

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Purple Rising – Concerto for Group and Orchestra Mov. 1 – 3 (click here if the video doesn’t play)

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Co-Founder of The Progspace - Dario discovered the world of Prog upon hearing "Shine on you crazy diamond" for the first time at the tender age of 12 around the turn of the millennium. Coming from a musical family and brought up with classical music, this seemed to be the logical next step. Attended the school of from 2002, delving into both directions: catching up with the history of already more than 30 years of progressive music as well as always staying up to date with the newest prog sounds. He loves meeting like-minded people and enjoying live music at a concert somewhere in Europe.

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