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Progressive post-core juggernaut Monosphere premiere new single Ava

Progressive post-core juggernaut Monosphere premiere new single Ava

German progressive post-core juggernaut Monosphere tease their upcoming sophomore album “Sentience”, (20.10.2023) with new lead single ‘Ava’, a perfect  hybrid of post, prog and core sounds!

Monosphere sounds different – different from most other metal bands these  days. Not following any trends, their unique blend of modern prog-metal,  atmospheric post-metal and everything that inspires them simply stands out.  With their latest single ‘Bleak’ being featured on editorial playlists, they once  again surprised with a vibrant musical mixture that now even incorporates  symphonic spheres. ‘Ava’, the lead single of their upcoming album “Sentience” follows their approach of intertwining many influences into one shape.

From one point, ‘Ava’ can be seen as a sequel to the band’s single ‘The  Marionette’, which was the most successful track off their acclaimed 2021 debut album ‘The Puppeteer’. Mainly  focusing on the post-metal side of their music, the energetic and mesmerizing video for ‘Ava’ is premiering now right here on The Progspace:

Monosphere – Ava

The mixture of post and prog works perfectly on the fourth single off “Sentience”, which is also another contribution  by bass player Marlon Palm, maintaining a lot of grooves and techy elements. ‘Ava’ delivers a snapshot of what post-metalcore could have been if metalcore  itself wouldn’t have fallen for trends.

As singer Kevin Ernst comments on ‘Ava’ and the album’s story plot:

Ava marks a significant turning point in the album’s story. After a system  malfunction affecting the nameless protagonist—an artificial intelligence within  a human-like body—she suddenly recalls a past life where she was a mother  to a daughter named Ava. Tragically, both met their end in a distressing event.  However, with the protagonist’s revival, a chance emerges to reunite with her  daughter and seek retribution against the suffering inflicted upon them – a  suffering engineered by humans.

Drummer Rodney Fuchs adds:

Marlon, who wrote “Ava” brought a whole new vibe into our music. “Ava” features techy metalcore and prog-metal elements but also shows why we often consider us post-metal. Heavily influenced by Amenra, Tool and Cult Of Luna, we tried to gain momentum on this track and give it the needed time to breathe. We hope you’re enjoying it as much as we do. Mark your calendars for October 20 and dive into the concept of “Sentience”.

“Sentience” will be released on October 20 via Blood Blast Distribution (digital) and through the band’s own Bandcamp page (physical).

Pre-order now on

Monosphere Feb 2023


Music written by Marlon Palm & Rodney Fuchs
Lyrics by Kevin Ernst
Video by Kevin Ernst & Yves Otterbach
Artwork by Kevin Ernst
Recorded, Produced & Mixed by Phil Kaase (The Mixing Mine)
Mastered by Jens Bogren (Fascination Street)

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