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Israeli proggers Neolia share vocal playthrough video for Day In Day Out

Israeli proggers Neolia share vocal playthrough video for Day In Day Out

Ben Reiss, vocalist of Israeli proggers Neolia, is sharing his latest playthrough video for the track “Day In Day Out” off the band’s debut self-titled album released this May.

“Day In Day Out describes life in captivity and being drugged daily, tortured, and brainwashed. It follows the convoluted emotional and thought process that many times leads people to madness and even suicide. As the twisted and painful reality unfolds also the music reveals itself, and while going through hints of African and Latin hints it keeps its heavy and dark foundation till finally reaches the coda part, which is my solo creation in a form of an acapella part that insinuates total madness.”

Watch Reiss as he demonstrates his vocal techniques on this dynamic track full of groove, melody, and intensity premiering right here:

Neolia – Day In Day Out (Vocal Playthrough)

An experimental, progressive slab of metal that fans have been flocking to local shows for, Neolia’s debut record flows with haunting melodies and complex rhythms that have been crafted with care and precision. With a blend of progressive metal and experimental sounds, this album promises to take listeners on a sonic adventure like no other. Musically, the full-length is a reflection of years of soaking up music of different genres from rock to pop to world music and whatnot. It’s a fusion of bits upon bits of pieces absorbed and processed and then spat out from a personal perspective. In its musical aspect, it’s rock and metal based, but with a twist of African, Latin, Jazz, and ambient that reaches the spectrum of high and low, tender, extreme, and crazy.

Neolia formed to give to others and to encourage people to come together (A connection between souls). The band showcases their art in a few dimensions, one that’s personal, and spiritual and the other that is musical and expressive.



Album Credits:
Tomer Mash: Wrote and Produced, Bass, Guitars, Vocals Programming, Lyrics.
Ben Reiss: Vocals, wrote the lyrics for Refahim.
Ron Minis: Guitars, Wrote main riff in “Blow the Leaves”
Dror Goldstein: Drums, Guitars (Anchors, Refahim)
Ran Yerushalmi: Vocals in “Karma”
Yael Clair Spiritwo: Vocals in ” Day in day out”
Shahaf Ostfeld: Mongolian throat singing
Shalev Neeman – Percussions
Tamir Fr
Roy Weisglass: Flamenco Guitar in “Your Prophecy”
Carmel De Pichotto: B Vocals in “Refahim” and “Your Prophecy”
Amit Plashkes: Guitar mid section in “Karma” and “Carried away”
Or Coco Maoz: B Vocals in “Rise and Fall”
Mixed by: Yevgeny Levin and Idan Katz at Bardo Studios
Mastered by: Howie Weinberg

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