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Obsidian Skies stream debut EP Saturnian in full

Obsidian Skies stream debut EP Saturnian in full

Colorado duo Obsidian Skies, comprised of Logan Dougherty (guitars/piano/orchestration) and Tim Watervoort (guitars/basses/vocals) are pleased that their debut EP “Saturnian” is now streaming for listeners around the world to enjoy as they explore other worlds and the challenges that come with them.

Lyrically, the album takes place on Saturn’s moon, Titan. In this story, Earth became inhospitable to life and a portion of humankind left the planet to settle on Titan. After colonizing the moon, society began to take shape. Many people could not let go of the thought of all the people left behind on a dying Earth and began to riot. As a result of this, the military presence on the colony dispatched the instigators and enforced a strong, almost dystopian order on the moon. People were at peace, but were not able to live a fulfilling life.

Musically, in order to convey the story, they avoided a repetitive song structure. The songs move through many sections with motivational references throughout to tie them together. Many different instruments carry the melody, including fretless bass and piano. As a whole, the most technically complex part peaks in the middle of the EP as the story climaxes. Their guitars are tuned in drop C, but they didn’t let that limit the tonal centers that they could explore. The band continues to explain the album:

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, working on this album was one of the things that kept us sane. We went through job losses, large life changes, and mental health struggles during this time. The writing was very therapeutic for both of us and it feels amazing to see this EP come to life. We’ve both always seen music as an escape and we bring that into our lyrics. We’ve both challenged ourselves with this album, both as songwriters and as instrumentalists. It’s resulted in something we’re beyond excited to share with the world, an EP that really shows who we are as musicians.”

From heavy rhythmic sections to sweeping orchestral melodies, Obsidian Skiesfeel they’ve touched on a large part of the musical spectrum with this release. The 25-minute EP consists of three tracks that run together to tell this epic tale of humanity’s battle with adversity. It was produced by Obsidian Skies and mixed and mastered by Tom MacLean (ex-Haken, Athemon, Brutta).

“Saturnian” is streaming now in full  one day ahead of its release on October 14, 2022 right here:

Obsidian Skies was founded amidst the turmoil of 2020 by Logan Dougherty and Tim Watervoort. The two had  worked together before, but not since the breakup of their previous band, Endlight, in 2017. Logan and Tim  wrote much of Endlight’s music, with Logan on guitars and Tim on bass and vocals. They performed  throughout Colorado, sharing the stage with bands such as Unleash the Archers and Archspire until the band’s  end. While they remained close friends, Tim and Logan’s musical and professional paths diverged for a time at  this point.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everyone was stuck indoors, the two looked for a project to work on,  half to stay sane, and half to explore a new creative outlet. At this time, Obsidian Skies was born. It started with  Tim and Logan sharing parts with each other that they had previously written. However, as time went on, it  became a true collaborative writing process, with the two writing each song together.

Lyrically, the band’s themes are heavily influenced by science fiction and fantasy. The story of “Saturnian”  takes place on Saturn’s moon Titan. In this story, humanity is forced to flee from a dying Earth, and a portion  of the population colonizes Titan. While life is able to flourish there, the people who survived are forced to deal  with the emotions of leaving their lost home and the guilt of abandoning those who could not leave the planet.

Obsidian Skies remains a studio band for now, but that has allowed for flexibility in tracking that would have  been difficult to achieve as a brand-new live band. “Rebirth in the Stars”, for instance, has multiple sections  with four or more guitar tracks and several orchestral layers. Their debut EP “Saturnian” is set to release in  2022 and will deliver an elaborate story with a diverse, but undoubtedly metal, sound.


EP Recording Credits:

  • All songs performed by: Obsidian Skies (Logan Dougherty and Tim Watervoort)
  • All songs written by: Obsidian Skies (Logan Dougherty and Tim Watervoort)
  • All Lyrics written by: Tim Watervoort
  • Produced by: Obsidian Skies (Logan Dougherty and Tim Watervoort)
  • Mixed by: Tom MacLean
  • Mastered by: Tom MacLean

EP Band Line Up:
Logan Dougherty – Guitars, Piano, Orchestration
Tim Watervoort – Guitars, Basses, Vocals

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