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Apeiron Bound premiere stunning new video for Absent Familiarity

Apeiron Bound premiere stunning new video for Absent Familiarity

Following the release of their genre-bending debut album “Multiplicity” on August 26 via Layered Reality Productions, Apeiron Bound have prepared an ambitious music video for ‘Absent Familiarity’, the longest track on the album, premiering exclusively today right here on The Progspace.

The band comments

This is a tale about a person that loses themselves to their narcissism and delusions of granduer. The result of an inflated ego leading to poor decision making, which takes them down a dark path. Often times, these stories come with a happy ending where the protagonist learns the error of their ways and overcomes their trials. This is the alternative ending to that tale.”

‘Absent Familiarity’ also features additional vocals from Joshua Corum (Head With Wings).

Watch the exclusive premiere of the music video for ‘Absent Familiarity’ here:

Apeiron Bound – Absent Familiarity

Apeiron Bound deliver their own blend of progressive metal that lyrically delves into the philosophical side of life and the complex nature of the human condition. Formed in the summer of 2018 by composer and guitarist Andrew Stout, “Multiplicity” sees Apeiron Bound’s venture emerge into the metal scene with an epic introduction.

“We’re eternally grateful for everyone that played a role in developing this project. Whether you’ve been there since day 1 of the quiet days to recently joining aboard, every bit of support matters.”

Their debut 12-track album explores themes of light and dark through the representation of zen and chaos, with tracks aptly portraying each theme or a combination of the two. The atmospheric, piano driven interlude, ‘Melancholic Zen’, tells of someone trying to find contentment in the midst of chaotic surroundings. In contrast ‘Emotive Servitude’ explores chaos through the dark side of the human condition at times of crisis. Hard-hitting heavy instrumentation packs a powerful punch with intense energy running through the track. Progressive motifs intersperse the distortion bringing a melodic and chaotic effect. The intense breakdown delivers a black metal twist with an incredible pace and demonic harsh vocals. ‘Era in Fenim // Novis Initiis’ (Latin translation: End of an Era // New Beginnings), concludes the album with a beautifully orchestrated open-ended question on the fate of humanity. Are we cursed to repeat the same horrid cycle that humanity is known for or can we one day transcend above it? The fusion of orchestral strings, brass and dramatic percussion, along with delicate piano melodies and, later on, metal instrumentation, produces an ethereal, cinematic experience.

Soaring through stunningly crafted soundscapes and brutal metal styles, Multiplicity is a thrilling adventure unafraid to celebrate the light and expose the dark. Unleashing a divergent offering of genre mixing, Apeiron Bound have their sights set on fashioning a unique take on heavy music.

Line up:
Michael Calza – vocals/lyricist
Andrew Stout – composer/guitars
Phillip Colacecchi – guitars
Kyle Sokol – electric bass & upright bass
Kristopher Huffman – drums/percussion

Apeiron Bound Promo_16x9_with logo

Session Musicians on Multiplicity:
Peter Albert de Reyna – bass guitars/fretless bass
John Galloway – audio engineering, additional synth and backing vocals, programming, and mixing

Guest Musicians on Multiplicity:
John Pyres (Threads of Fate) – guest pianos and additional synth on ‘Thought & Memory’
Angel Vivaldi – guest solo on ‘Eleutheromania’
Frank Sacramone (Earthside) – co-composer of ‘Melancholic Zen’ and ‘Chaotic Fervor’
Steven Mundinger (Lykanthrope) – co-composer of ‘Precocious Tribalism’ and additional synths on ‘Emotive Servitude’
Joshua Corum (Head With Wings) – guest vocals on ‘Absent Familiarity’ and choirs on ‘Emotive Servitude’ and ‘My Sweet Stockholm’
Rich Gray (Annihilator/Aeon Zen) – guitar and saxophone solo on ‘Era in Fenim // Novis Iniitis’

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