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ProgRockFest 2023 in Legionowo, Poland

ProgRockFest 2023 in Legionowo, Poland

ProgRock Fest in Legionowo (a Polish city near Warsaw) is since 2015 an annual indoor festival for prog rock lovers. The festival is not of an order of magnitude to attract the big (foreign) names. But in previous editions names such as Galahad, Collin bass, Mystery and the David Cross Band were on the list. This year it was a complete Polish affair. The reason why I went to Legionowo was the performance of Mr. Gil. This is a musical project by the ex-guitarplayer of Collage.  For me, their album 'Love will never come' was one of the most beautiful albums released in 2022. Unfortunately, this album is not sufficiently known outside Poland.  The 3 other bands I saw where:  Dispelled Reality, Euphorizone and Millenium. "Świt" is the title of the debut EP by the Warsaw band Dispelled Reality. As the young musicians claim, they want an innovative approach to progressive rock. We hear guitars that give the music a rock edge and non-obvious rhythmic divisions combined with emotional saxophone solos Euphorizon's music is a mixture of melancholy, art fantasies and rock with electronics combined with a metal kick.  Millenium is one of leaders of progressive rock in Poland. Often mentioned alongside Polish bands such as Collage, Riverside, Quidam and Satellite.

About the Author

Jaak Geebelen

Jaak started in 2007 as a concert photographer for several Belgian webzines with a preference for progressive music and metal. Currently, his main focus is on street photography. But, despite his cosmopolitan way of life, Jaak regularly tries to attend a concert.

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