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Aaron Holt exclusively premieres new single Set Free Your Sorrow

Aaron Holt exclusively premieres new single Set Free Your Sorrow

‘Set Free Your Sorrow’ is the first single from “In The Palace”, the upcoming third album by Aaron Holt. It is the first track on the album and a perfect stage set for what is to follow. Like many people going through an incredibly rough time in 2020 this song was written as motivation to “loosen the ties, set free your sorrow”.

The soundtrack to these lyrics portrays the dark and heavyweight that many people carry around on themselves. With so many things going wrong, there has to be some sort of direction we can all look towards to ensure a happy ending. The rest of the album features lyrical ideas around this and follows through letting go of the agony we all have trapped inside. The band really explored creating darker sounds out of their instruments, graduating to more full time 7 string guitar parts, large recording spaces, and soaring vocals mixed nicely on top. Holt comments on the album:

“I think anyone who has heard my work before will be pleasantly surprised at the results we’ve managed to create in the more non-ideal recording locations. I strived to focus more on writing towards a mindset around “no one cares about the snare on a song that no one wants to listen to”. We really just tried to flip the production phase more from sounds and tones to the actual material that’s being performed on the instruments and as a whole in the group. I was constantly chasing that catchy riff, melody, or rhythm.”

‘Set Free Your Sorrow’ will be available on all streaming platforms from Friday, Dec. 18 and you can pre-save it here:

Aaron Holt – Set Free Your Sorrow (click here if the video doesn’t play)

Natural, authentic and heavy, In The Palace” will be the third from Aaron Holt, following “My Burdened Mind” (2018) and “The Unknown” (2017). A 2021 release date for “In The Palace” will be revealed soon.

Aaron Holt’s musical journey started on the George Mason University campus where he was asked to play bass guitar for a local church’s grand opening. It was there that he met drummer and percussionist TJ Maistros who would grow to become a lifelong friend and amazing collaborative partner.

The album My Burdened Mind was a very long and labored writing, recording, and mixing project that ended up taking way longer than originally estimated to create the finished product at 47:36 minutes. The long story short is that the album My Burdened Mind was another grand learning experience for Aaron as a producer especially in terms of recording source material that was worthy of being shared with the world.

After the album’s release, vocalist Eric confirmed he would no longer participate in the project and would not want to participate in any live shows. Short of a bassist and vocalist Aaron and TJ anxiously sat on the release and hoped that anyone would listen. Enter album 3, the endeavor where Aaron is truly making every effort to improve upon everything he didn’t quite get right before.

He signed on the incredible help of local vocalist Sujit Kumar who in his own right stands on pretty high shoulders in the local DC music scene as well as making a name for himself across the globe. Sujit agreed to meet and record a few demo tracks, one older song that Eric originally recorded and another new song that would eventually go on to be the single “Set Free Your Sorrow” for a full-length album.

Fast forward to 2020 and Aaron with the immense help of TJ and Sujit has completed a 3rd album clocking in at 58 minutes with 10 songs. The production is solid, all instruments hold their own, and everyone listening has great smiles on their faces with absolute relief that everything has come together so well and polished compared to older works. The new album “In The Palace” features a lot of emotional baggage associated with past relationships, differences in opinion among close friends, thoughts on dealing with incredibly stressful daily life, and also a bit of fantasy writing as well in the longest prog ballad written by the group to date. You can expect to hear a large mix of guitar-oriented music such as straight-ahead rock, classic metal riffs, and intricate progressive lines that flow through each section seamlessly.

Aaron Holt

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