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Author: Cees

Galaxy – Runaway Men

Lovers of the neo prog genre will immediately love the album, but will find out that it’s not easy to get bored with it. It stays interesting after listening to it many times.

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Kaipa – Urskog

…there is once again so much to enjoy, so much excellent craftsmanship, which I think you don’t want to miss out on. So maybe I shouldn’t moan about the lack of renewal and just enjoy all the beauty that Kaipa once again brings us.

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Smalltape – The Hungry Heart

The question is then, what does “The Hungry Heart” not have? That’s simple, it does not have a weak moment, no point where my focus is not on the music. It grabs you from the first notes and does not release you till the last sounds drift away. The diversity on display is keeping your attention fully on the music.

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Vokonis – Odyssey

These guys know how to play their instruments. The riffs and solos from the guitars are just amazing and man how I do love the drumming. Constant energetic, thriving and powerful!

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Sylvan – One to Zero

Besides some critical notes on the lack of aggression on the album, I am very pleased with the overall performance of Sylvan this time around. In detail, there is a lot to discover again and the returning of the vocal styles from the earlier days makes me fall back in love with Marco Glühmann. For the real Sylvan fan, this is a riskless purchase!

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Perfect Storm – No Air

Perfect Storm has created an impressive debut album, and it would surprise me if they do not storm forward on the progressive rock scene with “No Air”.

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