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Soulsplitter exclusively premiere video for Disconnected

Soulsplitter exclusively premiere video for Disconnected

Three years after their stunning debut album “Salutogenesis” (read our 10/10 review here), german prog prodigies Soulsplitter return with their sophomore effort “Connection” (estimated release date: March 11, 2022). In December already, they unleashed the hard hitting first single, aptly titled ‘Incineration’, and now it is time for single number 2, ‘Disconnected’, and we are happy to present an exclusive premiere of it together with a visually daring music video a day ahead of the general digital release of the single on all streaming platforms.

Says the band:

‘Disconnected’ is the first track from our upcoming concept album “Connection” and therefore sets the tone for the following journey to unfold. It deals with the realization that the perceived reality doesn’t really align with the innate sense of self. It acknowledges a disconnect between the inner and outer world – and the promise of potential and fulfillment if one is willing and brave enough to look within, to challenge old beliefs, face innate fears and to accept the fleeting nature of emotions. This is reflected beautifully in the video by Tobias Lammers: A strange creature finds itself locked in a lost place. Through frustration and agony the only way leads inside – depicted by an animated world inhabited by frightening monsters, manifestations of self-limiting beliefs and fears.

This is Disconnected:

Soulsplitter – Disconnected (click here if the video doesn’t play)

The story is going to be continued in the music video for the albums last track – ‘Reconnected’ (estimated release date 01.04.2022). It is only through the process which unfolds over the course of “Connection” that the creature finds the courage to challenge what sits at the root of its misery – and to become one with it.

Soulsplitter 2022


Song Credits:
Written by Simon Kramer
Elaborated by SOULSPLITTER and Viktorija Kukule
Lyrics by SOULSPLITTER and Viktorija Kukule
Vocals by Sami Gayed and Viktorija Kukule
Guitars by Simon Kramer
Bass by Felix Jacobs
Piano by Lewin Krumpschmid
Drums by Fenix Gayed
Trumpet by Jan Kaiser
Strings by norddeutsche sinfonietta, conducted by Fenix Gayed Strings and Brass arrangement by Fenix Gayed
Strings recorded by Jonas Piknias
Trumpet recorded by Max van Dusen
Drums and Vocals recorded by Marco Kollenz
Synthezisers produced by Johannes Weissschnur
Produced by Marco Kollenz and SOULSPLITTER
Mixed by Marco Kollenz
Mastered by Fabian Tormin

Video Credits:
Film conceptualized, realized and edited by Tobias Lammers (literally everything: writing, scouting, shooting, costume design, animation, editing, color grading – he did it all!)
Creature played by Laurens Hoschützky
Additional Set Management by Alexandra Heinz

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