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Progtalks Bonus: Prognerding with Trond Gjellum – Ep. 17

Bonus Episode – The Progtalks is taking a summer break, but here is a little bonus episode we shot earlier in the year with Trond from Suburban Savages and Panzerpappa. Listen to us nerd out about progressive music in the ’80s and ’90s and the state of the genre today.

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Kyros – Four of Fear EP

It’s wild and it’s loud. It’s synth-heavy and it’s exuberant. It’s bold and it’s daring. It’s epic and it can be a bit messy as well. It’s Kyros and they’re unstoppable in 2020!

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Join us for The Progspace Online Festival!

The first THe Progspace Online Festival will take place on October 23rd and 24th 2020 featuring Exist Immortal, Rendezvous Point, Maraton, Kyros, Arkentype, Avandra, Glass Mind, Ihlo, Azure, PreHistoric Animals, Abraham Sarache and Tryon.

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Progcast 073: Neal Morse

Prog rock’s foremost purveyor of epic concept albums Neal Morse talks about his newest, “Sola Gratia”, only on Episode 073 of the Progcast.

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Kyros – Celexa Dreams

Kyros has with “Celexa Dreams” managed to do something quite unheard of. They have created an album of music that would not have been out of place in the era they draw inspiration from, but yet manage to fit their compositions into a modern, contemporary framework.

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